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 Post subject: Problems & Complaints
PostPosted: 27 Apr 2006, 13:27 
The Squeen
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I thought it might be an idea to bring together assorted posts on what to do when there’s a problem or you wish to make a complaint about something on the CBB. (There is a summary at the bottom of the post.)

If you have a fairly straightforward problem, or are having an issue with something technical (things on the board not showing properly on your screen, weird things happening when you log in/out etc), you should post in Miss Dene's Office, first checking the Common Problems listed in there to make sure that problem hasn’t already been sorted out.

If that doesn’t help, or you have a more serious problem, or need to make a complaint, you should, in the first instance, contact one of the mods, as they should be able to deal with the problem fairly promptly. If it is a general problem, you may contact whichever mod takes your fancy, otherwise you should contact the appropriate mod:

Forum-specific issue: one of the mods in that forum
Gathering issue: Katherine or abbeybufo

The mod you contact should either be able to help you with your problem off their own bat, or they may feel that it needs to be raised generally with the mods for discussion or specifically with me in my admin hat. Whatever the mod does, she will let you know either respond to the problem or let you know that she is passing it on and someone will PM you about it.

If you feel that the complaint is a serious one, or if you wish to complain about one of the mods, you should contact me (although please note that I am not always on the board, and it may be several days before I receive a message – one of the reasons why it is better to contact a mod initially!). If the complaint is about me, I’m afraid you have no higher authority, and will still have to contact me.

A note on anonymous complaints: occasionally members prefer to complain anonymously. However, I would ask that your initial complaint is NOT made anonymously. If you wish to complain anonymously, please contact me, and I will raise the issue in the Staff Room without identifying you. It actually makes it surprisingly difficult to deal with a problem if we don’t know who’s having it. Furthermore, contrary to some people’s apparent belief, making a complaint or raising an issue about the CBB is not going to put you on some sort of mods’ black list! It really, really isn’t. We don’t mind: the mods and I all want the CBB to be as good as it can be, and that means listening and trying to do something when people have a problem.

With all problems and complaints etc, we will do our best to resolve them, either by sorting it out, letting you know why we can’t sort it out, or finding some sort of acceptable compromise.


You have a problem or complaint to raise/make.

1. It is fairly trivial or technical, and you raise it in Having a Problem, where mods and other members will be able to help you.

2. It is more serious and you wish to raise it to the attention of the powerful. You contact an appropriate mod.
2.i. The mod deals with the problem.
2.ii. The mod thinks the problem should be discussed with other mods, and it is raised in the Staff Room, either because it is a problem we should be addressing as a group, or because it is something that needs bringing to our attention. The mod contacts the member to let them know that this has been done and that someone will get back to them about it.
2.iii. The mod thinks the problem is a particularly serious one, and passes it on to the Squeen, who will then either deal with it herself, or raise it in the Staff Room. The mod will let the member know in the first instance, and the Squeen will get back to them in due course.

3. You wish to make a serious complaint, or to complain about modly behaviour. You contact the Squeen, and she deals with it, possibly raising it in the Staff Room if she feels it to be appropriate.

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