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Author:  Liss [ 02 Apr 2007, 13:40 ]
Post subject:  Internet Security

It’s kind of ironic that these posts get lost when we get hacked… *g*

This is a reminder to all members that the internet has the potential to be a scary place, with scary people. This isn’t to say that we need to be shivering, paranoid wrecks about it (we’re not spineless jellyfish, dammit!), but it does mean that we need to be careful.

Do remember that just because someone is a Chalet School fan does not make them a lovely person (though, let’s face it, this works 99% of the time!). Don’t give out personal information on a thread. Don’t give out personal information in a PM. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please let either a mod or me know about it. Think twice about making your email address visible to other users (you can change this setting in your profile page).

Under 18s, please be particularly careful. Don’t give away information about who or where you are in real life, don’t arrange to meet up with anyone via PM or anything like that, even if you’re sure you know who they are. Don’t give out your address for book buying etc without letting a parent or guardian know what you are doing. Again, if you have any concerns, please let someone know.

Anyway, yes. Just be careful, chaps! Mostly, problems will never arise, but let’s make sure of that. Let vigilance be our watchword. But not in a freaky Orwellian nightmare kinda way.



Author:  Mia [ 05 Oct 2017, 06:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Internet Security

With the internet becoming rapidly an even more weird and wonderful place, I'd just like to boost this little reminder from our Squeen, with the suggestion that people only post what they would be comfortable shouting out on public transport to a fellow CBBer and with the addition never to reply to any hints or requests for money, with the honourable exception of Liss's own Paypal button for contributions to the web hosting, which are very gratefully received.

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