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 Post subject: The Power Structure of the CBB
PostPosted: 27 Apr 2006, 10:26 
The Squeen
The Squeen
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The Power Structure of the CBB

Gosh, it feels like I’m writing a history essay or something! Anyway, some people have asked about how the CBB works in a sort of geo-political sense (actually, more just a political sense - I simply like writing ‘geo-political’, it makes me feel intelligent). This post is an attempt at explaining.


First and foremost, the CBB is run by an autocratic squeen, viz me (Liss). I own the board and have the absolute final word over anything that goes on. I tend to come up with general policy ideas for how the CBB is going to work and what direction it’s going in (insofar as an internet site can go in any direction *g*). As the board’s administrator, I have control over all areas and aspects of the running of the board via my exciting little administration panel, which is full of groovy features (like the auto-censor etc).


I am assisted in my despotic rule by the mods, or moderators. These are members of the board who are given responsibility for certain forums and/or duties. The mods may or not be consulted about decisions about the board; they will usually be consulted in how best to implement decisions. Mods do most of the day-to-day running of the board: keeping an eye on threads, archiving appropriate threads, dealing with straightforward queries etc. Mods have special powers only in the forums they moderate, which include the ability to check IP address, delete posts and threads, edit any posts, split threads etc.

Mods are appointed by the Administrator. In many cases, this is a relatively arbitrary decision by me, though obviously I would always appoint people whom I think would be an asset to the Staff Room and who would be capable of carrying out mod duties. In the past I have asked for volunteers, and I may well again; it depends how the mood (both mine and that of the board members in general) takes me.

There has been some issue in the past about whether when mods post they are doing so in their capacity as mods (in which case their word should be adhered to) or as straightforward members simply voicing their own opinions. I will ask that in the future, when mods are posting in their official mod capacity, they post and say so (in a sort of ‘wearing my mod hat’ way).

Normal Members

Technically speaking, the rank and file of memberhood do not have any special powers. The multi-coloured cape of the super-dictator is not for you! However, the CBB would be an empty shadow full of drifting tumbleweed were it not for you. Members are free to make any suggestions they like about the running of the board (except, frankly, the beheading of me, cuz that wouldn’t go down well), and the general mood of the board will often dictate any policy decisions that are made. The board is for its members, and that can never be forgotten. I think we could do with some kind of anthem. Possibly a banner…

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It is currently 30 May 2020, 07:32

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