Music in the Chalet School
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Author:  NanaG [ 15 Apr 2019, 16:43 ]
Post subject:  Music in the Chalet School

Is there a list of music played in Chalet School? I seem to remember reading one somewhere? Thanks.

Author:  KB [ 17 Apr 2019, 09:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Music in the Chalet School

There was a booklet put out (I think) by the NCC called EBD and Music. The list of songs it includes are:

Golden Slumbers (School p195, CS Oberland p236, Genius p93, Trials p219)
Who is Sylvia? : Schubert (School p195)
Roslein Auf Der Heiden (also known as Haiden or Heiden Roslein) : Schubert (School p. 229, Camp p232, CS Oberland p216, New Mistress p137, Ruey p52, Leader p54)
High Germany (School p290)
Charlie's Neat (Jo of p9-11)
The Tottenham Toad (Jo of p9 - 11)
Go and Tell Aunt Nancy (Jo of p9 - 11)
Some Like Coffee, Some Like Tea (10 of p97)
Where'er You Walk (Jo of pl01)
Song of St Francis [There was a Knight of Bethlehem] : Ernest Farrar (Jo of p101, Camp p232, Exploits p 202)
Brittany: Ernest Farrar (Jo ofpl02, Lavender p155, Excitements p220, In Tirol p80)
A Page's Road Song: Ivor Novello (Jo of p103, Exploits p 202)
Summer is Icumen In (Jo of p155 / 300, Princess p274, Camp p90)
Flora Brought Me Fairest Flowers (Jo of p155)
My Bonny Lass She Smileth, "the girls' own favourite" (Jo of p158 /162)
Green Broom (10 of p158)
Monsieur de Cramoisie}
L'ArbreD'Amour} (Jo of p158/300)
Red Sarafan (Jo of p158, Princess p174, Head Girl p124, etc, etc - I got bored with counting)
How Fair the Sun - madrigal (Jo of pl62)
Come All You Valiant Christian Men (Jo of pl62)
Where Go the Boats (Jo of p288)
Jerusalem (Jo of p300, Camp p232)
Die Zwei Grenadier (Jo of p300)
Whip Jamboree (Jo of p300, In Tirol p79)
Shepherd's Cradle Song: Arthur Somervell (Jo of p300, and Jo p100, New CS p185)
Hark, hark, the lark: Schubert (Words by Shakespeare) (Princess p131 / 174, Camp p91, Mary-┬ČLou p136, Coming of Age pl72, Reunion p58)
Das liebe kleine Baumchen hier ist (Princess p173)
The Woodman (PrincesspI73)
Das Lindenbaum: Schubert (Princess p174)
Clementine (Princess p273, Camp p91)
Lieber Tag - a Tyrolean song (Princess p274)
The Guide Song (Rivals p133)
Forty Years On - the Harrow song (Rivals p133, Excitements p220)
Men of Harlech (Rivals p134)
Abou Ben Adhem: Farrar (Eustacia p 128)
Campfire's Burning - a round (Camp p90 / 232)
The Hart He Loves the High Wood (Camp p90)
Ye Banks and Braes (Camp p91)
Polly Wolly Doodle (Camp p232)
The Lark in the Morn (Camp p232, Trials p219)
Skye Boat Song (Exploits p198)
Sleep: Vaughan-Williams (Words by Christina Rossetti) (Exploits p202)
Sigh No More, Ladies: Aiken (Exploits p256)
The Lord is My Shepherd (23rd Psalm) : Schubert (Exploits p256, Adrienne p164, Prefects p158) Music, When Soft Voices Die: Charles Wood (Exploits p256)
Nun Danket Aile Gott (Lintons p302)
You'll Get There (Lintons p302, Goes To It p195)
Sigh No More, Ladies: Roger Quilter (New House p264)
Gretchen am Spinnradchen (Margaret at the Spinning Wheel) : Schubert "Perhaps Schubert's most perfect song" (CS Oberlandp215) (New House p265, CS Oberland p2l5)
Land of Hope and Glory: Elgar (New House p268)
England: Parry (Words by Shakespeare) (Goes To It p195, Gay p237)
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Song (Goes To It p195)
On Wings of Song (Goes To It p195)
John Peel (Gay p81, Excitements p220, Future p187)
The Fairy Pipers (Gay p82)
Blackbird: Cyril Scott (Gay p82)
Hebrew Lullaby: Liza Lehmarm
The May Queen (Words by Noye?) (Gay p237)
Titania's Lullaby: Mendelssohn (Gay p237)
Rosebud in the Heather: Schubert (Rescue p 189)
Bonny at Morn - old Northumbrian folk song (Rescue p189)
Sea Shells - early 19th C (Wrong p247)
Johnny Come Down From Hilo - shanty (Wrong p248)
Shanadar - shanty (Wrong p249)
Where Corals Lie: Elgar (Wrong p250)
Rastlose Liebe: Schubert (CS Oberland p216)
Oh No John!} (CS Oberland p245)
Boys and Girls Come Out to Play}
Summer Is Here (CS Oberland p249)
The Londonderry Air (CS Oberland p245, Kenya pl10)
Greensleeves (Bride p 292)
The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies (Bride p292)
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? (Does It Again p ?, Excitements p220)
Love Will Find the Way (Does It Again p?)
Bells of Aberdovey}
Si J'Avais Le Chapeau} (Kenya pll0 / 165/ 195)
Songs of the Hebrides - Spinning song / Fairies' Lullaby}
My Love's An Arbutus (Kenya pl10, Two Sams p171)
Malbrouck s'en va t'en guerre (Kenya pl10, New Mistress p137)
The Jolly Roast Beef of Old England (Mary-Lou p149)
The Fairies (Genius p91)
Cockles and Mussels (New Mistress p137)
Come to the Fair (Excitements p13S)
Fhairshon (Excitements p220, Trials p2l9)
Willow the King}
Silent, Oh Moyle}
Blow the Wind Southerly - old Northumbrian tune}
Caller Herrin'}
Rio Grande} (Excitements p220)
One More Ribber to Cross}
The Day is Past and Over}
Drink to Me Only (Richenda p124, Trials p219)
October (Trials p219)
Cherry Ripe (Trials p219)
The British Grenadiers (In Tirol p79)
Ombra Mai Fui : Handel (Wins the Trick p140)
Barbara Allen (Triplets p153)
Flowers in the Valley (Triplets p153)
La Marseillaise (Reunion p121)
Die beiden Grenadiere (Reunion p l15)
St Patrick's Day in the Morning (Two Sams p171)
Would God I were The Tender Apple Blossom (to the Londonderry Air) (Two Sams pl7l)
Phil the Fluter's Ball (Two Sams p171)
St Patrick was a Gentleman (Two Sams p171)
Lo, Hear, the Gentle Lark (Prefects p59)
Come to the Maypole, Haste Away (Prefects p158)

Author:  NanaG [ 17 Apr 2019, 16:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Music in the Chalet School

Brilliant! Thank you so much...Grizel Drabble so much easier now!

Author:  KB [ 19 Apr 2019, 06:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Music in the Chalet School

Glad to hear it!

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