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Author:  Chloë [ 29 Aug 2006, 11:57 ]
Post subject:  Chloë

Name: Chloë Francesca Rose Grey

Age: 20

(wow that means it's 3 years since I put my first profile on the cbb)

Location: Southampton mostly, London occassionally...

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Yes to the first thing (Ian); NO to the second; No to the third though really really want one; and Yes to the final thing - I have two: good Eric and naughty Eric...

Favourite and least favourite books and characters:
Favourite book = "Triplets" not really sure why, but was the first first edition hardback with dust jacket I bought for myself
Favourite character = Margot - again, not overly sure why: I just like her mischievous manner and can relate to temper tantrums from when I was little - oh and rufus, he's the reason I started reading the books
Least favourite book= No books stand out on the whloe, it's just certain chapters that annoy me now and then
Least favourite character = The ones you're never supposed to like such as Miss Bubb or Thelka but also Colonel Black as he's an army officer that can't even deal with a bit of cheek without letting it show he's supposed to be disciplined

How you got into the Chalet School: Squibling Xan read the books from when she was little (in age, as size wise she's not really grown that much!) She tried to get me reading them but when I declared at about three I didn't need to learn to read as"the big ones"' (she and my brother) did enough of it anyway, I meant it... so I wasn't intrested until my sixteenth birthday when I decided Rufus was a good reason to start reading the books. Xanthe said I had to read from the start of the series not just the one he turns up in, but I carried on reading and then within about two months had read all of her collection at that point which was only missing about three of the books!

Author:  Chloë [ 30 Aug 2006, 08:41 ]
Post subject: 

*waves back to all*

Well the most i've been able to manage is occassional lurking since uni computers don't like the cbb, but i'll get the interent set up soon at my flat so can start unlurking again! :D

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