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Author:  Sarah_L [ 29 Apr 2006, 19:16 ]
Post subject:  Profiles - S

Name: Sarah

Age (ish!): 23

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Leeds

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Boyfriend Dean, no children/pets/imaginery friends (though I do plan to get a black and white rabbit with big floppy ears called Gregory when I buy a house)

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Favourite book is Jo of the Chalet School. As it's so early in the series, the school still seems like a big, happy family and I love the Christmas at the Mensches. I don't really have a favourite character but I'll put Len in here as I can't understand why people criticise her and say she's perfect. I think she's a normal, clever, responsible girl. Not every one can be extroverted or mischevious! Least favourite book would be Prefects as the mistakes are just too numerous.

How you got into the Chalet School: A friend of my parents lent me School At. I decided it was rubbish and didn't read it for ages, but obviously liked it when I did read it.

Author:  DeliahJones [ 29 Apr 2006, 19:25 ]
Post subject:  Sam

Name: Samantha (Sam!)

Age (ish!): 20. How elderly!

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Sunny Essex.

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: One King Charles Spaniel- Mia.

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Favourites: Exile; Margia, Evvy and Co. Least fave: Summer Term; Jack Lamberts crew.

How you got into the Chalet School: Found a copy of Peggy in a school jumble box. The rest is hostory...

Author:  Sheila [ 29 Apr 2006, 23:19 ]
Post subject:  Sheila

Name: Sheila

Age (ish!): 45

Location North of Aberdeen

SLOC Howard,children Jo - Guess which 2 series of books are my favorite/pets 1 cat 1 Chinchilla and masses of fish belonging to SLOC

Favourite Jo to the rescue - I like the Adult Jo when she not interfering with the school. Least favourite books I am not keen on Adrienne I think it is too far fetched. I don't like Joan Baker.

How you got into the Chalet School
My mum encouraged me to get the first one out of the Library when I was about 8 and I then started collecting. I was fortunate to get many of the Armadas as they were published but it was only last year I got the last one - Does it again[

Author:  serendipity [ 30 Apr 2006, 14:55 ]
Post subject:  Serendipity (Heather)

Name: Serendipity online; Heather in rl

Age (ish!): 46

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Leeds

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: just the one/none/2 cats, 4 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs/none that I know of :?

Favourite and least favourite books and characters:
Favourite book - whichever I'm reading at the time (unless its Two Sams or Redheads which I guess answers the least favourite bit)
Favourite characters - Ros Lilley, for being a poor kid in a posh school; Frieda; Con. Oh and Heather Clayton for being one of the few people in literature to be called Heather :wink:
Least favourite character - Jack Lambert - what a brat!

How you got into the Chalet School: big sis (13 years older) had stash of hardbacks which she passed to cousin (7 years older) who then passed them to me. Supplemented them with a few paperbacks, then my mum sent them all to the Oxfam shop when I went to uni :cry: . Picked up a 99p copy of 2-in-1 Trials and Theodora about 4 years ago and my bank balance has been all downhill from then on.

Anything else: I've been lurking here for nearly 3 years but haven't dared speak 'til now!!

Author:  Simone [ 30 Apr 2006, 14:58 ]
Post subject:  Simone

Name: Simone

Age (ish!): 40 (how the h**l did I get to be that age!)

Location Newton le Willows, Merseyside

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends:
Partner Paul - thinks I am distinctly odd in my obsession with CS books and 1 daughter Polly , nearly 3

Favourite and least favourite books and characters:
It's got to be exile, followed closely by New House. Least favourite - one of the later Swiss books - all too samey. Favourite character - probably Simone, because when I was young I didn't know anyone else with that name. Least favourite character - Still Simone, because even though she had my name she was so wet in the early books

How you got into the Chalet School:
My Mum got sick of me reading Enid Blyton when I was about 10 and bought me 4 chalets. The first was Mary Lou. Then my obsession of having the complete set took over so it took me about 10 years to collect all the paperbacks. Unfortunately I then found out they had been cut so just HAD to have all the hardbacks - finished collecting them a couple of years ago. I have had so much spare cash since!

ETA Location

Author:  Sarah_K [ 01 May 2006, 18:41 ]
Post subject:  Sarah_K

Name: Sarah_K

Age (ish!): 22 (I had to think about that for far too long!)

Location: St Albans

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: None/None/one cat, Quink/ none at all whatsoever *queitly hides bear called psycho*

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: I'm very bad at deciding these. I've always loved Exile and the war books a lot and I definately like the early books more than the later ones but other than that I don't really have favourites. As for characters, I don't like OOAOML much and I'm slightly keen on the men/boys in the books but I change on a daily basis :D

How you got into the Chalet School: A friend of the family bought me School At when I was 12/13ish with no idea what the book was about and I got hooked. I recently told her how many books I'd bought because of her (though I didn't mention all the time I'd spent here as well) and she was slightly surprised!

Author:  Septima [ 09 Jun 2006, 21:36 ]
Post subject:  Septima

Name: Septima aka Jan, janice or Jay depending on who else shares the name!

Age (ish!): Not quite 40

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Sat at JandyMac's computer in W. Yorks

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: One husband, 7 children, 2 nearly 3 grandchildren. No pets, although I've always fancied a tortoise.

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Summer Term, Tom and Highland Twins. Bill

How you got into the Chalet School: A friend lent me several hbs as an adult and I was hooked. I never got any further than Mallory Towers and St Clare's as a child. Then Jandy Mac and I met up again and found that we both collected CS amongst other things and that we weren't the only adults who collected children's books.

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