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Author:  aitchemelle [ 29 Apr 2006, 15:11 ]
Post subject:  Profiles - A

Name: Hannah

Age (ish!): 25 - eeep that sounds especially old ...

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Sussex

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Thom - who is usuallly deserving of sloc title!!/ neee/ shares in a Westie/ oh yes lots - Davina and Brian the regular plot bunnies plus several more who are shut in the freezer till the summer hols!

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Three Go is the favourite and Clem & Tony my favourite characters (as the drabbles will show!) I am not a massive fan of EBD's Mary-Lou but Mia's drabbles have warmed me to her... oh and Joey needs a poke in the eye often!

How you got into the Chalet School: I really don't know but probably just in my quest to read every book ever! I used to read anything and everything as a kid - 16 library books a week so probably picked them up there!

Anything else: I am a primary school teacher and as a result i am on loads in holidays and not so much the rest of the time! Although I resolve to keep up with the board now its all so new and shiny!

Author:  Amanda M [ 29 Apr 2006, 15:22 ]
Post subject:  Amanda M

Name: Amanda

Age (ish!): 34 (but don't tell anyone :D )

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Wakefield, Yorkshire

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: I have one SLOC called Cory, and we're getting married in September, but I'm trying not to think of how close that's getting now :D

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: One of my favourite characters from the Tyrol days was Frieda, mainly because she was quiet and shy and I can relate to that! I don't really have a favourite book, I can find things to like about most of them. Which also means that I don't have a least favourite book, although I have to confess that the Armishire books are the ones that I least read. My least favourite character is definately Jack Lambert. I never found anything redeeming in her character at all. From what I read she was just a bully that should have been well and truly squashed, but she also seemed to be one of EBD's favourites.

How you got into the Chalet School: My first book was New Mistress which I bought from a book club at primary school. I then found out my cousin had some of the other CS books so I managed to get them off her since she had grown out of them :D

Other info Working as a nurse in Wakefield. Other interests include cross-stitching, science fiction and fantasy, fanfiction and quizzing.

Author:  Alex [ 29 Apr 2006, 17:43 ]
Post subject:  Alex

Name: Alex

Age (ish!): 25

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Manchester in term-time (studying pharmacy), rest of time at home with my long-suffering mother in Cambridgeshire

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: None

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Favourite book is generally whatever I'm reading at the moment and Exile/Princess. I like most of the characters especially Dick and Mollie and their children. Least favourite book: Prefects (I just can't get over that proposal!).

How you got into the Chalet School: Brent-Dyer comes after Blyton which I discovered after my mum banned poor Enid and all her works as not stretching enough when I was 8. Richenda was the first book I read.

Author:  arky72 [ 29 Apr 2006, 18:35 ]
Post subject:  Helen/Arky72

Name: Helen

Age (ish!): 33

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Crewe, Cheshire

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Andy/Jonathan aka Jonnie/Eric and Dennis the tabby cats/Jaffe (a small giraffe)

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Favourite book: School at & Exile, character: Jessica Wayne, Least favourite book: Reunion, character: Jennifer Penrose

How you got into the Chalet School: can't remember but done a complete re-read over the last 6 months after an enormous break!
(another edit: I asked my mum tonight and she thought she bought them for me when I was about 10 or 11 ish - she said that she and my dad were still buying books for me and she remembered getting them)

Anything else? Reception class teacher, Senior Section Guider, Cub Scout Leader, play piano, love scrapbooking...

ETA: and have absolutely no brains at all as I have posted this in the wrong place! Please could someone move it? Thanks!

EATA: thanks!!

Author:  ali [ 29 Apr 2006, 18:44 ]
Post subject:  Alison

Name: Alison

Age (ish!): over 30

Location (approximate - no actual address, please!): Medway, Kent

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Lovely hubby, Gary. Daughter Beth who, at three is turning into Mary-Lou. No pets, but alot of my class behave like animals so I think thats covered.

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Favourite times is the armishire books, especially Gay and highland twins. Bored by most of the last 10.

How you got into the Chalet School: Mum bought my sister island which I promptly purloined. Then I found the hardback of Gay in my godmothers attic and was hooked.

My life revolves around trying to get onto CBB, its a fight as football and cbeebies (childrens tv) often think they are more important but we know better.

Author:  Ann [ 29 Apr 2006, 21:10 ]
Post subject:  Ann

Name: Ann (no, it's not short for anything)

Age: 25

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, although originally from Coventry

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Al (also know on his occasional visits here as Emperor Zhark) / none / none / none

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: Favourite character is definitely Bride Bettany, although Margia Stevens is a close runner up, and favourite books are Highland Twins, Rivals and Bride Leads. Least favourite books and character... well, Nina Rutherford does nothing for me so Genius/Fete don't impress me much.

How you got into the Chalet School: At the age of 12, having read everything else in our local branch library, I picked up Exploits and Leader and the rest, as they say, is history. 'Grew out' of them as a teenager, gave my books to my sister who gave them to a charity shop (I've never been able to replace that copy of Two Sams :cry: ) and then rediscovered them at a second-hand bookshop in Haworth in 2003 when I picked up a copy of Jo Returns and realised I'd never read it.

Anything else? I'm a school librarian and Guiding has taken over my life

Author:  annah [ 29 Apr 2006, 22:08 ]
Post subject:  Anna

Name: Anna

Age (ish!): 48

Location Liverpool UK

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends:
one husband (so far) and he has accompanied me to Pertisau, read The School at the Chalet, and goes into charity shops all by himself to look for books (and no, you can't have him) - 3 daughters (not triplets) - no pets (thank goodness) and I did have imaginary friends when I was little but that was a v long time ago.

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: favourite book - sorry but it has to be Exile, though I like all the wartime ones. Actually I like all the early ones too and I quite like the Swiss ones........
My least favourite book is Wrong - mainly because it is far too far-fetched and it has way too much tennis in it.
My favourite character is the young Joey and I don't really have a least favourite because it depends on my mood.

How you got into the Chalet School: I've beeen reading them since I first borrowed them from the library when I was about eight.

Author:  Alice [ 30 Apr 2006, 16:11 ]
Post subject:  Alice

Name: Alice

Age: 23

Location: North London

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Husband, Richard/not yet/no thank you - although I'm vegetarian I'm not a pet person/Had loads as a child but none atm.

Favourite and least favourite books and characters:
Favouite book has to be Exile, I read the full text for the first time recently and it was even better.
I have now got to Challenge on my long re-read of the series (it's taken me two years!) and I'm disappointed about how awful I find the later books to be. I remembered them as much better. I think Summer Term has to be my worse - but that won't stop me reading them.

Not sure about characters.

How you got into the Chalet School: When I was about 11 my mum got fed up with me reading nothing but Sweet Valley and bought me a second hand pb for School. I'm very glad I started with the first book!

Anything else: I am a librarian in a university library - qualified last summer.

I'm currently cataloguing my books at and loving it.

Author:  Alison H [ 01 May 2006, 22:24 ]
Post subject:  Alison H

Name: Alison

Age (ish!): 31 - oh dear, am I really?!

Location: Manchester

SLOCs/children/pets/imaginary friends: Er :roll: !

Favourite and least favourite books and characters: My favourite book is Exile, but I like most of the Tyrol books. My favourite characters are Con Maynard, Kathie Ferrars and (after writing recent drabbles!) Karen. Don't really have a least favourite book, but I'm not over-keen on the later Swiss books in general.

How you got into the Chalet School:
I got Eustacia out of the school library when I was about 8, and read quite a lot of the books over the next few years. I got back into them a few years ago, and finally completed my collection last year :D !

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