Yet more whinges!!
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Author:  Alison H [ 08 Sep 2017, 14:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

*Hugs.* I wish someone could invent medication without side effects. Or at least some sort of test that you could take first, to see if you'd be badly affected by them so that you could make an informed decision about whether to take them or ask if there was an alternative. Hope you feel better soon.

Author:  exile [ 10 Sep 2017, 14:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Not feeling too bad thanks guys. One of my colleagues suggested a solution to the side effects which seems to have worked.

Author:  Abbey [ 10 Sep 2017, 15:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

That's good to hear!

Author:  Alison H [ 11 Sep 2017, 12:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

I wish there was a cure for anxiety :( . Half the time I'm not even sure what I'm anxious about.

Author:  abbeybufo [ 11 Sep 2017, 21:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

I am cross with Nationwide, and can’t decide whether it’s worth the effort writing to the Chief Exec …

I’ve had my Flexaccount for more than 40 years, and when they brought in the free European Travel insurance option, I registered for it. My pensions are paid in every month, as was my salary before I retired.

A few days ago I had a letter saying that the insurance would be terminating at the end of the year, as I no longer met the criteria of £750 per month going into the account.

How can this be, I thought…state pension paid every 4 weeks, and small National Health pension on the 20th of each month, though together they don’t quite make the £750. County Council pension paid on the 1st of each month, which brings the total comfortably above the minimum. So what’s the problem…?

Turns out that sometimes Hampshire pay a day or two early - so there are months when the money is already in by 1st month, then the following month it doesn’t show, as it is paid on 1st of the next month. So every time the first of the month falls at a weekend or on a Bank Holiday, the HCC computer pays ahead of time - and I have no control over this whatever.

So I toddle into the branch on Saturday as I was passing and explain. Ah yes, says the helpful lady, I can’t do anything here, but I see what you mean, you have to ring the number on the letter and they will sort it out for you. So today I ring the number, and press various keypad numbers, and end up with the insurance section. Yes, they said, see what you mean, they said, can’t do anything here as I’m the insurance firm, so I’ll put you though to the insurance section of N/wide itself. And to give him his due, he did put me directly through to someone rather than me having to go through the keypad options again.

Yes, said the chap, see what you mean, should be all right if you have more than £1500 coming in over two months, you obviously can’t help when your main pension payment comes in. I can’t do anything here, I’ll put you back to the insurers. So he puts me back through the ‘push 1 for… push 2 for…’ so that I felt I’d gone round in circles, as I said to the chap from the insurers when I got through to them again (not the same chap, of course). He took my name, and said that I’m OK for the rest of the year anyway, and thought I’d be OK for automatic renewal, so he checked the medical situation hadn’t changed, and then said he’d put me back to N/wide themselves, and he’d talk to someone then put me on, rather than me go through all the buttons again. After a few minutes he came back on, and said I would be speaking to ‘Duncan’.

Duncan is evidently a jobsworth. He saw what I meant, he said, but if the exact amount of money doesn’t come in in the actual calendar month I am no longer eligible for the insurance. If I had money in a non-N/wide account I could move some across (and move straight back out if I want to!) to ensure the right amount actually came in during the calendar month, and that would be fine - though it seems like cheating to me! I don’t have any non-Nationwide accounts, I said; and the letter specifically says I mustn’t transfer from other N/wide accounts I might have to get the figures right.

So, I said, you are contradicting what I was told earlier this afternoon, and what I was told in the branch on Saturday, and nothing can be done? That’s correct, said he. He was ‘sorry’ I wasn’t happy, ‘sorry’ I’d been told something else by the earlier N/wide bloke, the person in the branch, and the 2 blokes at the insurers, but unless £750 or more is paid in during each and every calendar month I have to find other travel insurance. If I ensure that the correct amount goes in in future, it will continue, but otherwise, that’s it, and according to the letter, once the right is lost, it cannot be regained. But when the money comes in is not under my control, I said in a last-ditch effort … to no avail.

So do I let it go, and pay an insurance company what will only be a small annual fee for the next 7 years (the facility stops at age 75 anyway) or do I take it further on principle? I can’t be the only one. If I only had haphazard amounts going in I could understand it, but when all my income - which definitely totals more than £750 a month! - regularly goes into that account, I think they should recognise it…

Sorry for the rant…

Author:  cestina [ 11 Sep 2017, 22:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

I think you should definitely write to the CEO and all you need to do is copy the rant word for word and send it to him, with a brief note saying "This is what I have just posted on a forum, I thought you might like to know that there are right and left hands within your organisation that do not know what they are doing...." Send a copy to the press office saying that you are thinking of going to a wider audience with it.

The funny thing Ruth, though I appreciate after a set of calls like that it will be hard for you to see it, is that they have solemnly written to me year by year renewing my travel insurance even though I don't think I have ever actually properly met the monthly criteria. Nationwide is not my main bank so my salary has never gone there, nor does my pension now. I do top up the Flexaccount fairly regularly but probably hardly ever to the tune of £750 per month.

No one ever seems to have noticed, nor have they noticed I am now over 75. Had I needed to make a claim, however, it would have been interesting to see if they would have paid out.

If they have finally got their act together I guess there may now be a letter from them waiting for me in the UK

Good luck!

Author:  Alison H [ 11 Sep 2017, 22:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

The trouble with these situations (don't get me started on Npower and their "back office"!) is that you can usually only get to speak to people like Duncan, who is probably in a fairly junior position and worried that he'll get into trouble with his manager if he doesn't stick to the letter of the rules. The people higher up the food chain are usually "not customer facing" (surely one of the most irritating expressions ever).

I'd send a stroppy letter. It might make you feel better to put the rant down on paper, if nothing else. These things are so frustrating :banghead: .

Author:  roversgirl [ 12 Sep 2017, 06:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Hugs to everyone who needs them. I would write the letter. Sometimes that's all it takes! Things are not going that well right now and I'm trying to keep on top of work without burning out :(

Author:  Noreen [ 12 Sep 2017, 08:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Seconding what everyone else says, particularly cestina, about sending a letter - and definitely to the CEO. If there was anything I learned from my time with HMRC, it is that people at the top of large organisations are frequently (a) out of touch with what's going on at base level and (b) bored, as they don't have enough to do. Good luck with this issue, anyway.

Ah yes, Nationwide, who once accidentally created me an account which would only let me pay in, not withdraw money... :shock:

Sorry to hear that, roversgirl - paws crossed this resolves itself with optimum results and soonest!

Author:  cestina [ 12 Sep 2017, 09:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Noreen wrote:
Ah yes, Nationwide, who once accidentally created me an account which would only let me pay in, not withdraw money... :shock:

That made me laugh a lot on a day when I am very depressed about the universe in general and where we are all heading.

Ah well as Tom Lehrer has it "We will all go together when we go..."

Written nearly 60 years ago - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.... :cry:

Author:  Noreen [ 12 Sep 2017, 11:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Pleased it made you laugh, cestina. The account was created by an exceptionally nice young man, and we both laughed a great deal about it when I went back to the branch to get things sorted out. After all, it could be argued that that was a really successful type of account - such a good incentive to save...

Author:  tartan-belle [ 12 Sep 2017, 20:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Definitely write a strongly worded letter.

Roversgirl, look after yourself re: burning out.

Author:  roversgirl [ 13 Sep 2017, 06:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Thanks all! I'm looking forward to the weekend and a chance to try and get some sleep.

Author:  Liz K [ 13 Sep 2017, 10:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Now informed I'll be coming into work only on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of personal problem people here are having with me. On the one hand it's a relief because I am in pain when I drive but on the other hand I'm going to be home alone 5 days a week and with not sleeping either I wonder how I'll cope.

Had a 6-month meeting with the man from the redeployment pool yesterday, my line manager was there too; if I don't find a permanent civil service job by 31 March 2018, I'm out.

Author:  MaryR [ 13 Sep 2017, 15:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

((((Liz))) Fingers crossed and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Author:  Alison H [ 13 Sep 2017, 15:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

I've just had the most ridiculous conversation with someone at Post Office Money "customer services". They sent me an e-mail saying that they were closing my credit card because I hadn't used it recently. I last used it on August Bank Holiday Monday! After I'd been put on hold a zillion times, they said they wouldn't close the account. I asked if someone could confirm this either by letter or by e-mail, and the very annoying woman said that no-one in her department had access to customer e-mail addresses for security reasons, nor could they send letters. Could someone in another department send one, then? No. "There is no such thing as a letter." Excuse me? I'm afraid I got rather sarcastic at this point and said that letters definitely existed, I received them most days, and it was merely a case of writing them, putting them in envelopes, putting stamps on them and posting them, but apparently they "cannot" do this. They do not send letters or e-mails confirming that accounts are active. Well, I only asked because they'd sent me an e-mail threatening to close it. Because I hadn't used it recently. Even though I'd used it last month. Then she said that it wasn't her job to send letters. Well, could I speak to someone who did send letters, then? No. I could only speak to "customer services". And they don't send letters.

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Author:  Jools [ 13 Sep 2017, 16:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

How ridiculous and frustrating Alison!

Author:  Caroline [ 13 Sep 2017, 18:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

You would have thought the Post Office would know all about letters.... even the money arm of it... :roll:

Author:  Alison H [ 13 Sep 2017, 21:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Like you would think BT customer services would be able to make phone calls between their Mumbai branch and their UK branch, but apparently they can't ...

Author:  janetbrown23 [ 13 Sep 2017, 22:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Yet more whinges!!

Today I received an appointment to the local Pain Management Seminar which is of course happening while I am away on holiday but luckily I managed to change it. I thought the doctor was referring me to the hospital to try and sort my shoulder out, not just manage the pain, I've already put up with that for over a year. Oh well suppose I need to find out if he has referred me to the hospital as well or not now.

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