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 Post subject: Healthy Eating Support Group #5
PostPosted: 20 Oct 2018, 17:39 
Lamenting the amount of work
Lamenting the amount of work
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I am starting HEGS#5 since I see the previous thread is now on 25 pages. (Have we really gone through 4x25 pages already?)

Abbeybufo mentioned on the October whinges thread that she is finding it tricky to get back on the 5:2 eating plan that had been very successful for her a couple of years back but that she had slipped off. Alison H is also struggling at the moment though not I think with Intermittent Fasting such as 5:2.

I had the same problem as abbey - lost a lot happily on 5:2 and then slipped off it, put some of the lost weight back on and then struggled to get back to 5:2.

As I came through Germany this summer the friend I stay with mentioned a doctor friend of her son-in-law, Eckert von Hirschhausen, who is also a well-known TV presenter and journalist, who had lately become famous for his promotion of the 16:8 method of Intermittent Fasting. I had read about it when I was researching 5:2 but hadn't been tempted by it.

I listened to some of his programmes and decided to give it a go. I started when I got back to the CR towards the end of May and have so far lost, with no effort whatsoever, 11kg (1stone10lbs). Not a superfast weight loss, but for me, as I said, effort-free.

The idea is that you have an 8 hour eating window in every 24 hours during which you can eat what you please, and for 16 hours you eat nothing at all though you can of course drink water or other calorie-free drinks.

Since for a substantial chunk of those hours you are asleep, or at least in bed, that time passes unnoticed. And because I have never really needed to eat until about noon (though that hasn't stopped me starting much earlier!), but do like to eat in the evening, it has been easy for me to adjust to a life-style which involves the first meal at any time from noon to one or two pm, depending on what time I finish eating the night before (usually by 9pm).

I realise that this breakdown of hours may not suit many people but a pattern of 9am-5pm works for some, 10am-6pm for others, or whatever fits for you.

I am usually busy from getting up to heading off to the Small Worlds museum at 11am and although I have my lunch with me, ready to eat at maybe noon or 1pm, I have often found that museum visitors have meant that I can't get to it till an hour or so later. And that's fine too.

And the 8 hour window has meant that I have broken the very bad habit of taking fruit and other snacks to bed with me....

Eckart von Hirschhausen (this link just for German speakers) says he doesn't do it every day (he says twice a week is enough). I don't think that would work for me and I find every day except Sundays easier to stick to.

And it has quickly become habit-forming. The idea of eating breakfast is now alien, as is the idea of having even a glass of wine after the window closes! Long may it last....

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