Common Internet Acronyms & CBB Abbreviations
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Author:  Kathye [ 02 Apr 2007, 01:01 ]
Post subject:  Common Internet Acronyms & CBB Abbreviations

Common Internet Acronyms

AAMOF – as a matter of fact
AFAIK – as far as I know
AKA – also known as
ASAP – as soon as possible
ATM – at the moment
BG – big grin
BTW – by the way
FAQ – frequently asked questions
FYI – for your information
G – grin
IIRC - if I recall correctly
IMHO – in my humble/honest opinion
IMHBCO – in my humble but correct opinion
ISTR – I seem to recall/remember
IYKWIM – if you know what I mean
LOL – laughing out loud
NAFAIK – not as far as I know
OOC – out of character
OTOH – on the other hand
OTT – over the top
PEP – Proper English Please
RL – real life
ROTFL – rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLASC – rolling on the floor laughing and scaring the cat
ROTFLASCIIHO – rolling on the floor laughing and scaring the cat if I had one
ROTFLMAO – rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
VGB – very big grin
VBEG – very big evil grin

Author:  Kathye [ 03 Apr 2007, 21:51 ]
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CBB Abbreviations

Commonly used Abbreviations you might not find elsewhere

Bettany – Bettany Press
CBB – Chaletian Bulletin Board
EBD - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
FCS - Fun Chalet School (Used for a short period to describe drabbles before we had houses)
FOCS – Friends of the Chalet School
GGB / GGBP – Girls Gone By Publishers
NCC – New Chalet Club
OOAO – ‘Our One and Only’ usually referring to Mary Lou, but may also work for other characters
RCS – Real Chalet School (long-running drabble by Lesley)
SCS - Serious Chalet School (Used for a short period to describe drabbles before we had houses)
SDL - Sally Denny Library
SLOC - solid lump of comfort

Author:  Kathye [ 03 Apr 2007, 22:04 ]
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CBB Language - Things you might not have heard of before!

A few words that we use a lot that you may not have come across before or that have been coined by the CBB

Autocensor- The original CBB software had an autocensor that substituted euphemisms for words deemed offensive, but also translated "Derwentwater" as "Derwentthingyer" and "spoon" as "sthingy." The latter became particularly notorious in the now fragmentary Dr. Venables. The current autocensor operates at the discretion of the Squeen, and sometimes reminds CBBers that there are "more [words] than one in the English language."

Busy - Expecting, possibly twins or quads.

Bump - To move a less active drabble to the most active part of a fiction house, by posting on said drabble.

Chant- Vociferous request for new posts on a drabble, usually begun by poster announcing intent to chant.

Cliff - Drabble post that leaves one hanging. For lessons, apply to the Lesley A. Green School of Cliffs.

Drabble- Any creative work posted in the CBB fiction houses or read aloud at a Gather. Drabbles on the CBB range from the 50 or 100 words some boards call a drabble to stories of epic proportions. Communal drabbles are continued stories, usually housed in St. Clare's, to which members of the CBB add at will. Communal drabbles are always labelled as such.

Drabble-orum- The Index Drabble-orum in Ste. Therese provides links to all archived drabbles in unlocked fora. The index is arranged alphabetically by author, but is on one very long page, allowing use of browser "search in page" functions for other keywords.

Gather- A get-together of CBBers with a CS theme. Big Gathers are overnight events featuring a range of activities, including quizzes, games, singing, eating, yibbling and bedtime drabbles. Local Gathers typically allow those within easy traveling distance to share the madness for the day or over a meal. To sign up for a Gather you must be at least 18 and a member of the Gatherers' usergroup.

Gloater- CBBer who flaunts inside knowledge of future events in a drabble. Offenders may find themselves at the mercy of Uto.

Lime green- Color favored by Joey and Con. Has become somewhat symbolic of the CBB.

Pile of porridge - Another auto censor joke, this was what 'more' was automatically changed to, it made for some interesting twists to some drabbles, it was in response to people keep asking for "more" drabble installments.

Plot bunny- Often referred to by people writing drabbles, they are the imaginary animals that supposedly inspire our writing, some people have names/personalities for them. They where introduced to the CBB by Ray (a long time ago) as they are often mentioned in other fanficition groups / fandoms.
Ever get hit with a story concept that doesn't really go anywhere but you have to write it? You've just been attacked by a plotbunny! Possibly inspired by John Steinbeck: "Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."
For some examples, see Introducing Our Plot Bunnies, found in the Drabble-orum under "Multiple Authors."

Prunella- One sometimes says that Prunella has been active when one's thread count goes down due to "pruning" of threads. Threads that are "auto-pruned" or otherwise deleted, rather than archived, include out-of-date sales and Gather plans as well as threads in Completely Off Topic and English Tea that have been inactive for a certain amount of time.

RCS and Cliffs - RCS = Real Chalet School, the long running saga by Lesley, she tends to write a lot of cliff hangers into her various stories.

Shiny- The CBB equivalent of the CS "marvellous." At one point, this adjective was so used that the autocensor was programmed to translate it as "dandelion," provoking this incomplete communal drabble.

Squee- To squeal and possibly jump about in an excited manner.

Squeen- Title accorded Liss, owner of this site and subject of well-known tune, "God Save the Squeen."

Solid Lump of Comfort - Refers to ones other half/partner

Sparkling purple leaf - Liss got fed up with us using certain words too much, so used the auto censor to change them to sparkling purple leaf.

Spoons - This was when we had no control over the auto censor. At one point the auto censor did not like the word poon (some sort of norty Australian slang apparently) and so changed any reference to spoon to ‘sthingy’ Therefore because our minds live in the gutter it did not take long for this change to take on a different connotation and the drabble Dr Venables immortalised its use. At one point the auto censor didn’t even like us referring to Dick Bettany. I can’t think why?

Spree- To post immediately after oneself on a thread. This is considered Bad Form unless a week or more has elapsed since the previous post, the post is an unusually long section of drabble, or the message is urgent enough to require orange flags. The normal procedure would be to edit the previous post.

Thread Eating Monster (TEM)- Entity, hacker or malfunction on the old version of the CBB that ultimately consumed the entire board. Unfortunately, the TEM has been followed by several malicious hackers. For more information on the original TEM, see The Attack of the TEM or Something a Little Silly.

Trampoline- Often placed below a cliff. Frequently adjacent to supply of virtual chocolate and liquid refreshment for consumption to tide one over during crisis.

Uto- A being who punishes gloaters, as demonstrated here. Not to be confused with the toy bull of that name owned by Pat's daughter.

Wibble - To worry, as over the outcome of a cliff. May connote anything from fear and trembling to hesitation over the correct path.

Yibble – (N) Voluminous and random chit-chat, as exemplified by the procrastination threads in English Tea. Most CBBers are expert yibblers, but restrain themselves in areas considered "yibble-free." (V) To discuss with blithe abandon, rather than adhering strictly to a given thread topic. The autocensor did, at one point, render y-i-b-b-l-e as "mimble-bimble."

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