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Author:  Laura V [ 02 Oct 2019, 00:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: GGBP News 3

I have most of the fill ins but am in agreement with others here in that I’m not a huge fan of fill ins of terms that already have a book. It’s not that I don’t like the storyline or style of writing it’s just that there’s more gaps and it feels unnecessary to rewrite a term that already exists. I do like most of the fill ins about already existing terms but I get more excited at the thought of one about a missing term.

(Sorry if what I’ve written is not so clear, on some pretty strong meds at the moment)

Author:  Alison H [ 11 Oct 2019, 18:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: GGBP News 3

A Refuge for the Chalet School is now available for pre-order, but, rather weirdly, "will either be published at the end of November 2019 or at the beginning of February 2020". I wondered if they were waiting to see if something else'd be ready for November, but it says that the School Stories book will be out in February. So presumably they aren't quite sure it'll be ready for late November, and don't want to be committed to sending it out over the Christmas period when ... is it Ann or Clarissa who's the vicar? Anyway, when they'll be busy and the post will be chaos! Fingers crossed for November :D .

Author:  Chloe [ 25 Nov 2019, 02:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: GGBP News 3

GGBP have announced titles to be published next year in their Friday email. EBD interest are Geography Readers Volume 2 Kenya/Canada, The Chalet School and the Lintons, A Leader in the Chalet School, The Chalet School in Guernsey(Katherine Bruce), reprints of The New Mistress at the Chalet School, Peace Comes to the Chalet School and Janie of La Rochelle. Next year they are also doing among others Schoolgirl Encyclopaedia Volume 1 and Volume 2 and Cricket Term(Antonia Forest). They are making real headway with the Chalet School titles now.

Author:  Lotte [ 25 Nov 2019, 22:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: GGBP News 3

That's fantastic news, because Lintons is one of the ones I really want to get, as is New Mistress. I've read Rebel, but not the whole thing.

Author:  Laura V [ 24 Apr 2020, 14:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: GGBP News 3

Lots of titles added to GGBP’s forthcoming books section today including reprints of New Mistress and Janie of La Rochelle; no new CS though :(

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