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Author:  KB [ 08 Sep 2015, 11:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Achensee (Tiernsee) Information

I have a friend who lives in Maurach and works in Pertisau. I will find out from her if the closure is permanent or only temporary.

Author:  Annied [ 08 Sep 2015, 12:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Achensee (Tiernsee) Information

KB wrote:
Give my regards to the Achensee! I will be there in a month as well!

I'll be in Oberaudorf then. I've posted more details on "Kaffee und Kuchen"

Author:  alisonfrances [ 27 Nov 2015, 17:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Achensee (Tiernsee) Information

Hello, we visited Achensee this summer. If anyone is interested in tips for visiting it if you or anyone in your party has mobility issues then this might be useful!

I agree with the Tiernsee site authors about the old chalet that might well be the inspiration for the school!

Author:  Caty [ 17 May 2016, 10:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Achensee (Tiernsee) Information

The map on the achensee website is now interactive - gives you a bit more detail than google maps I think

Author:  Gottfried [ 12 Oct 2016, 16:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Achensee (Tiernsee) Information

A few pieces of updated information as I've been to Pertisau this month. These might sound like complaints, but we had a wonderful time, just a few things to beware of:

The Achensee area is absolutely lovely but very expensive at current exchange rates if you are from the UK. We used the price of a Wiener Schnitzel with chips as a price guide. Lots of places away from the Achensee will charge 7 to 9 Euros but the average round the Achensee is 12, and we even saw a menu charging 16.
The lake boat is also very expensive. A ride from Gaisalm to Scholastika and back to Pertisau was over 30 Euros for the two of us. Worth having the Erlebniskarte if you're there longer than a couple of days. NB everyone staying in the area will receive an 'Achenseekarte', but this is not the same - it will only give you a discount on the boat tickets if you book the complete round trip.
There's only one small supermarket in Pertisau now, in the same area as the post office/tourist office. Prices are very steep there too! There is also only one cashpoint and no bank in Pertisau. As lots of people told us regularly about several things, oh, you'll have to go to Maurach for that! I'd definitely recommend the advice given earlier to shop at the MPreis supermarkets in Jenbach or Maurach. The restaurants attached to the MPreis shops are good and inexpensive.
Taking into account the general expense of eating out in this area, I would nevertheless recommend the following:
Karlwirt hotel restaurant in Pertisau
Jodlerwirt café and restaurant in Maurach [just off the central roundabout next to the big jeweller's]
Haus Erika in Pertisau - opposite Karlwirt. near the golf club entrance. Herr Anfang is a fine baker and their accommodation is excellent and reasonably priced too.
The path to the Dripping Rock is open, as has been said elsewhere, but there have been recent rock falls in some areas and there are metal stakes to guide you across those. Some of the path is precipitous and there are metal cables to act as handrails in various places, but the path isn't something I would attempt in light shoes. Beyond Gaisalm, the path gets very steep indeed.

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