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Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:11 ]
Post subject:  Index of St. Mildred's Archive (last updated 15/06/2011)

At least at the moment, this list includes only material archived before the hacking. It is based on the index reconstructed in the aftermath, according to files dated 12-14 November 2005. The only thing that has changed is that the links have been altered to addresses current as of 18 October 2006

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:13 ]
Post subject:  A-B



Miles Repents
an aside from Clem & Tony

Alison H

A death in the family
Trying to come to terms with the death of Margot Venables.


Odette begins to understand herself and her method of coping. Content includes self harm. "Beautifully written, and very sensitively handled."


Intrigues and Infidelities of Jack Maynard
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4 (unfinished)

It's a Girl
More of Jack's nefarious 'adventures.'
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)


Theodora's journey
Ted comes to terms with her problems.


Three shades of blue
Jem causes a lot of trouble

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:13 ]
Post subject:  C-D


The Saint and the Chaletians
Ailie's friend Fleur finds out some surprising things about her mother (unfinished)

Cath V-P
Through the darkness (unfinished)
Hilda has to deal with a terrible wartime loss


In the age of innocence
Who are Joey's real parents?


Hidden love
Rix and Sybil become romantically involved, but face opposition from the rest of the family
The hardest apology of all
Jack becomes violent towards Joey - N.B. may be distressing
She loves his hands
Jem and Joey become involved (in Tyrol and Guernsey)
When his back was turned
Madge battles an eating disorder
The final goodbye
Jack helps Joey to die - N.B. may be distressing
Finding Redemption part I
and part II
Cecil tries to rebuild her life after a difficult experience
A gossamer of tears
Sequel to Finding Redemption
Hope and freedom
Thekla's experiences during the War
Asking for a miracle
Con and her husband experience some problems as they try to start a family
Her responsibility
Why did Len really decide to marry Reg?


The Godmothers
The Godmothers


Joey bites the bullet
Joey finds out everything that Jack never told her ...

Madge finds out page 1

Madge finds out page 2

Madge finds out page 3

Madge finds out page 4

Madge finds out page 5

Madge finds out - final part

Sequel to Joey bites the bullet

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:14 ]
Post subject:  E-F



Not letting go
Events take a sad turn for Nancy and Kathie


The Street of Martyrs
Powerful story of Ilonka's time in a Nazi concentration camp


Sunshine after the storm
Copper finds that marriage isn't all she expected. Some parts may be distressing.

Fiona Mc

Three Sisters
Josette's daughter deals with fertility problems (unfinished)
A change of heart
Margot is distressed by what she finds at a Catholic orphanage.
Greater love hath no man
Luigia di Ferrara's death in a concentration camp

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:27 ]
Post subject:  G-H



Lunch Break Drabble #2
A sad childhood

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:28 ]
Post subject:  I-J



Maidie and Ros at the CS
Two Abbey Girls at the Chalet School
part 1

The drabble with no name
A new girl is bullied


The bully and the broken reed
Verity gets her own back


A Night on the Town
The staff have had quite an evening!

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:30 ]
Post subject:  K-L



2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)


Broken glass
Thekla's brother describes the events of Kristallnacht

Maeve does Majorca (unfinished)
Maeve goes on a Club 18-30 type holiday ...

The devil in her eyes
A mystery involving Hilda and Nell

Laura V

Bruno and Friedel in captivity (unfinished)


Paradise Lost
Can something unspeakable have triggered Sam's problems?


Something Fishy
Phil Maynard struggles with anorexia

Something Fishy: The Other Side

Lizzie C

Demons (unfinished)
All the pressure on her becomes too much for Len


Phil Maynard struggles to cope


Margot Venables
Margot's life with Stephen (unfinished). Warning - may be upsetting.

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:32 ]
Post subject:  M (not including multiple author section)

Does not include Multiple Authors


Con's Secret
An aside from the Rix & Mary-Lou trilogy

The Wooden Cross
The last days of Herr Marani

However long the night (unfinished)
The Balbinis in America after having to flee Europe

A Wartime Interlude
Are Jem and Jack more than just good friends?

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:33 ]
Post subject:  Multiple Authors

Multiple Authors

Shocking and Scandalous
What would scandalize the CS? An ecclectic collection for the inaugural St. Hild's drabble.

Food glorious food
Various people enjoy their food ...

Norty communal drabble (unfinished)
Various goings-on at the Gornetz Platz ...

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:35 ]
Post subject:  N-O


Naughty bunny

Secret affair
Who are the two people involved?


Too great a challenge
Nancy Wilmot struggles with the temptations of food


Night on the bare mountain
Jack's night on a mountain ...

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:36 ]
Post subject:  P-Q



The Traitor Prince
Prince Cosimo's story

The Birds and the Bees
Len and Reg are caught in the act ...

Stephen's nightmare
Stephen has a bad dream

Chalet School Cat
Minette's life at the Chalet School

A family falling apart
David Russell struggles to cope after his marriage ends

Margot's devil
Len exorcises Margot's devil

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:37 ]
Post subject:  R-S



Matey's Discovery
Can Hilda be the author of "The Passions of Mathilde"?

Nell's Fetish
Is she or isn't she a teddy bear?


Half-Term Mystery
Mystery and intrigue set in the Tyrol years

A drabble without a hero
Madge's surprising life before opening the school (unfinished)

Matey as dominatrix
Matey, Hilda and Anna set up in business together

Chalet Girls in Blackpool
Mary-Lou learns to let her hair down

The Return of Krusher
Sequel to Chalet Girls in Blackpool

The Return of Krusher (reposted, unfinished)

Sarah K

After the show
Jack and Jane's relationship develops ...


In the Shadow of the Minster
Rachel's story about Rosemary

James Russell's hard day
Jem has a particularly difficult day during the War

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:38 ]
Post subject:  T-U



Please allow me to introduce myself
Sympathy for that devil, Phil Graves

My Phil
Continues from ‘Please allow me to introduce myself.’ Hilary on her life with and without Phil.

Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:39 ]
Post subject:  V-W


Author:  Kathy_S [ 19 Oct 2006, 03:40 ]
Post subject:  X-Y-Z



A Good Chalet School Girl
A Chalet School girl struggles to cope with the real world

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