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Author:  KB [ 16 Jun 2017, 22:11 ]
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Inspired by thefrau46's question, I did some searching and have come up with a list of the countries and nationalities mentioned in the book.

given incorrectly as the capital of Norway (Three Go)

Mentioned as a destination for Aunt Luce (Wrong)

map to be drawn for prep (and Jo);
home of Jem's sister, Margot, and her family (Lintons, New House, Exile, Goes To It, Lavender, Joey Goes);
description of corroborees (Lintons);
map turned into Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Gertrud Beck (Exile);
Margia Stevens has a concert tour begin/end from here before she begins nursing (Goes To It, Lavender, Rescue);
Con Stewart and family living there (Gay, Shocks, Kenya);
temporary home of the Bettanys (Three Go);
home of Clem Barrass' godfather (Three Go);
temporary home of Biddy O'Ryan (Carola, New Mistress);
home of Emerence Hope (Shocks, Bride, Changes, Barbara, Again, Theodora, Tirol);
home of Mary Woodley (Again);
Prunella Davies and family spent five years there (Again);
home of the king of Belsornia (Genius, Jane);
lesson on natural geography (New Mistress);
map drawing prep for IVa (Excitements);
history lesson for VI form (Coming of Age);
visited by Prof Richardson the year his wife died (Tirol);
home of Gay Lambert and her husband (Leader);
Russells moving there temporarily (Trick, Future, Feud, Triplets, Redheads, Summer Term, Challenge);
Margot invited by Emerence (Triplets, Reunion);
Jane Carew's parents touring (Jane);
listed as a country from which girls attending the school come (Redheads);
birth-place of Flavia Ansell (Redheads);
Sybil's wedding in Australia (Adrienne);
Annis Lovell's home (Summer Term);
intended destination of Nina Rutherford's tour (Two Sams);
Althea Glenyon's aunt's future home (Althea)

Place where Loveday Perowne inherited property (Bride)

location of the school (School at et al);
home of the Mensches (School at et al);
home of the Maranis (School at et al);
home of the Rincinis (School at et al);
home of the von Eschenaus (School at et al);
home of Herr Anserl (School at et al);
home of Gertrud Steinbrucke (School at, Head Girl);
home of Herr Braun and the Kron Prinz Karl (School at et al);
home of Friedel von Gluck (Eustacia);
home of Carla von Flügen (and Jo);
home of the Linders (Exploits, Exile);
home of Herr Laubach (Exploits et al);
home of Karen (New House, et al);
home of the von Wertheims (New et al);
home of Frau Mieders (Exile);
home of Luise Rotheim (Exile);
home of Bruno von Ahlen (Exile);
home of Alixe von Elsen (Exile);
home of Gertrud Beck (Exile, Goes To It);
home of the Monier family (Gay);
location Biddy O'Ryan recommends for Miss Slater to learn German (Carola);
home of Herr Helfen (Coming of Age);
holiday spot chosen by Prof Richardson for his family (Tirol);

Marjorie Durrant visits Louise Redmond and they spend Easter there (Reunion)

Home of Ghiselaine St Amant (Shocks);
mentioned in Geography lesson (Excitements);
home of Ghiselaine Thomé (Kenya);
Con Maynard mentions having seen big dogs pulling milk carts there (Future);
listed as a country from which girls attending the school come, but no names given (Redheads);
nationality of many victims of the train crash (Summer)

One of the Lavender Laughs series (Lavender);
one of the places visited by Melanie Lucas' parents (Future)

destination of Lois Bennett's parents (Lavender)

Home of Bette and her children after the Anschluss (Exile, Shocks);
home of the MacDonald twins' Cousin Morag's brother (Highland);
visited by Lavender Leigh (Lavender);
war-time home of Lecoutiers and Madame Lecoutier's sister in Montreal (Rescue);
home of Reg Entwhistle's aunt (Rescue);
home of Tom Gay's aunt (Tom);
post-war home of Shiena MacDonald (Three Go, Reunion);
location of TB conference visited by Jem Russell and visited by Russell family and Margot Maynard (Island);
taught as a history lesson (Island);
training destination of Edgar Mordaunt, cousin to Miss Annersley (Peggy);
temporary home of Russells and Margot (Peggy, Carola);
mentions of fruit-farming during a geography lesson (Carola);
remaining Maynards in Canada (Wrong);
Russells and Maynards in Canada (Shocks, Oberbland, Bride);
home of Miss Moore, new geography teacher (Bride);
Robin is in Canada as a nun (Joey Goes, Kenya, Excitements, Future, Adrienne, Summer Term);
severity of weather in Switzerland v Canada compared (Barbara, Does It Again, Mary Lou, Excitements);
comparisons of people before and after Canada (Genius, Problem, New Mistress, Excitements, Coming of Age, Richenda, Theodora, Leader, Trick, Future, Triplets, Reunion, Redheads, Adrienne, Summer Term, Two Sams);
mention of curling, called 'Shinny' (Trials);
Theodora Grantley's brother, Gerald, lives in Canada with his family (Theodora);
Peggy Bettany's new home after her marriage (Tirol, Ruey);
home of Dr Morse who is called to consult on Naomi Elton (Leader);
war-time destination of Jeanne le Cadoulec and home of her parents (Future);
future home of Miss Dacre, Jane Carew's governess (Jane);
listed as a country from which girls attending the school come, but with no names given (Redheads);
home of the owner of a hut where Mary Lou saves Evelyn from the snow (Challenge);
intended destination of a tour for Nina Rutherford (Two Sams);
nationality of Samaris Davies' mother (Two Sams)

Topic of geography (Peggy)

Home of Gay Lamber's family (Lavender, Gay, Mystery, Island, Carola);
mentioned in geography (Lavender, Kenya);
workplace of Dr and Mrs Gordon (Wrong, Bride);
setting of the Willow Pattern panto (Carola, Excitements);
country of origin of some of Prof Fry's porcelain (Richenda);

Country where Andre de Bersac fought (Rescue);
destination of Prof and Mrs Davidson (Again);
topic in geography (Summer)

Topic of a Lavender Laughs book (Lavender)

Mentioned as a place where the Gestapo has spies (Exile);
annexation by Germany mentioned (Exile)

intended destination of Gertrude Beck (Exile);
named as a place from which Chalet School girls came but without any girls being named (Three Go);
nationality of the family whose ill girl is kidnapped (Prefects)

Destination of Elisaveta's husband (Highland);
Mr Stevens works here during the war (Lavender);
Archie MacDonald is based here with his squadron (Lavender);
Nancy Canton will go here with her parents after she finishes school (Island);
Jo Scott's mother goes via Egypt to Kenya (Kenya);

Too many to list!

Visited by Jo, Madge and Grizel on the way to Austria (School at);
home of the Lecoutiers (School at);
Mademoiselle Lepattre studied in the south of the country (Jo of);
home of Captain Humphries (Jo of);
Kurt and Bernhilda von Eschenau move here (Eustacia);
Deira visits for the summer (Exploits);
place where Miss Norman was educated (Lintons);
history covered by Jo (Jo Returns);
home of Melanie Kerdec (New);
Jack Maynard serves with his regiment (Exile);
fears for France's invasion (Goes To It);
country traversed by Emmie and Joanna Linders (Highland);
country visited by Sybil Russell (Lavender);
country traversed by Lilamani (Lavender);
country listed as one from which CS girls came (Three Go);
topic in history (Island);
home of Simone de Bersac (Island, Joey Goes, Excitements, Theodora);
temporary home of the family of Doris Hill (Carola);
place where Katharine Gordon spent many holidays (Wrong);
holiday for Mademoiselle Lachenais (Shocks);
Evadne Lannis spending time in the country (Joey Goes);
Barbara Chester's and Julie Lucy's mothers and aunts spent their early years in France (Barbara);
place where Nina Rutherford spent many years (Genius);
visited by Katie Ferrars (New Mistress);
country from which many of the new girls came (Richenda);
destination for Miss Dene to recover from scarlet fever (Trials);
holiday spent by the Maynards (Theodora);
home of Angèle Sartou (Leader);
mention of Girl Guides (Trick);
home of Solange de Chaumontel (Trick);
home of Jeanne le Cadoulec (Future);
location of Robin's convent (Future, Adrienne);
home of Michelle Cabràn (Triplets);
country from which Chalet girls come (Redheads, Adrienne);
home of Adrienne Desmoines (Adrienne);
location of the train accident (Summer);
holiday spent by Samantha van der Byl (Two Sams);
holidays of the Maynard triplets (Redheads, Althea)

home of Frau Berlin (School at, Head Girl);
destination for Cosimo after kidnapping Elisaveta (Princess);
home of the Humphries family (Jo of);
suggestion of a destination for Miss Slater to spend a holiday (Carola);
Bill Ozanne does national service here (Again);
place where Nina Rutherford lived (Genius);
country from which many new CS girls have come (Genius, Richenda, Redheads, Althea);
location of bank robbery (Tirol);
location of the Klinik where Mollie Maynard will go (Reunion);
Mr Hope comes to conduct business and can fly Jo to Australia for Sybil's wedding (Adrienne);
location of the new job for Althea's governess (Althea);

mention of ancient Greek ruins (Again);

home of the gypsies who play at the Kron Prinz Karl (School at);
home of Paula and Ilonka von Rothenfels (Exploits, Jo Returns);
home of Lorenz and Ilonka Maïco (Exile, Goes To It);

mentioned during Kester Bellever's lecture (Island)

home of Dick Bettany and family (School at, Jo of, Princess, Head Girl, Camp, Jo Returns, New, Exile, Lavender, Gay, Tom, Three Go, Island, Peggy, Wrong, Shocks, Oberbland, Adrienne);
birthplace of Madge, Dick and Jo (School at);
home of the Carricks (School at, and Jo);
Miss Leslie marries an Indian Army officer (Eustacia, Goes To It, Three Go);
used in history (Goes To It);
temporary home of Mrs Graves, friend of Betty Wynne-Davies' parents (Highland);
holiday spent by Jo and the Robin (Lavender, Carola, Joey Goes, Problem, Coming of Age, Summer Term);
topic of one of Jo's books (Lavender);
home of Clare Danvers, Mollie Carew's cousin (Lavender);
visited by Lavender in 1938 (Lavender);
home of Lilamani (Lavender);
place where Bruno von Ahlen is serving (Rescue);
used for geography (Peggy, Changes);
home of the Standishes (Summer Term);
home of the Marvells (Challenge)

location Dick fears Madge might want to start her school (School at);
home of Deira O'Hagan (Head Girl);
home of Maureen and Bride Donovan (Rivals, Kenya);
home of the O'Haras (and Jo, Camp);
home of Biddy O'Ryan (and Jo, Lintons, New House, Jo Returns, Exile, Goes To It, Highland, Lavender, Carola, Shocks, Bride, Kenya, Mary Lou, Genius, New Mistress, Excitements, Theodora, Triplets);
home of Mollie Bettany's family (Jo Returns, Tom, Shocks, Bride);
visited by Jem as he moved the San out of Guernsey (Goes To It);
wartime home of Mr Flower (Lavender);
home of Doreen O'Conor (Gay);
mentioned in Kester Bellever's talk (Island);
home of the O'Connor girls (Carola);
place chosen by Aunt Luce for her paintings (Wrong);
home of Elma Conroy's parents (Oberbland);
home of Nora Fitzgerald (Changes, Kenya, Coming of Age, Summer);
home of Clare Kennedy (Barbara, Does It Again, Mary Lou, Ruey, Althea);
cousins of Verity Carey live here (Trick, Reunion);
used for geographical discussion (Future);
location of Grizel's honeymoon (Reunion);
home of Moira Carroll (Challenge);
home of Brigit Ingram (Two Sams);
Miss Glenyon meets her future husband here (Althea)

home of the di Ricci family (School at, Jo of, Head Girl, Rivals, Camp, Exploits);
home of di Ferraras (Jo of, Princess, Head Girl, and Jo, Camp, Exploits, Lintons, New House, Goes To It);
Miss Denny spent several years here (Jo of);
Grizel studies music here (Head Girl, Rivals);
home of Biddy O'Ryans step-father (and Jo);
home of Luigia Meracini (Jo Returns);
location where Miss Annersley was on holiday (New);
home of the Balbinis (New);
wartime destination of Frau Marani (Exile);
school is mentioned as having Italian students (Goes To It, Highland, Three Go, Trials, Redheads);
Eugen von Wertheim is fighting here (Rescue);
home of the Rutherfords and place where Mr Rutherford died (Genius);
home of Zita Rincini (Trials);
home of Giula di Ricci (Theodora);
home of Piera Foncella whose parents gifted Jack Maynard a lottery ticket (Future);
home of Giovanna Pecci (Redheads);
home of Nita Tarengo (Summer, Althea);
home of Simonetta d’Angeli (Challenge);

destination of Cousin Maud's cruise (Carola, Changes);
temporary home of Anthea Barnett's parents (Oberbland);
birthplace of Mary Murrell (Triplets);
destination of Mollie's (Bettany or Maynard) holiday (Triplets);
temporary home of Marjorie Durrant (Reunion)

home of Joyce Lemon's father (Wrong);

Mary Everitt's father gets a post there (Peggy);
destination of a sketching holiday by the Barrass parents (Wrong);
Miss Wilson of the Tanswick Chalet School goes there to be with her brother (Wrong);
Elfie Woodward's aunt lives here (Shocks);
Gillian Culver's married sister lives there with her family and Gill visits her (Oberbland);
Mollie's sister's daughter and husband live there (Bride, Joey Goes);
home of the Scotts (Kenya);
head of Ruey Richardson's school holidays here (Tirol);

Elisaveta's husband serves here (Lavender);
title of one of the Lavender series (Lavender)

Close to where Jack Maynard was found with his head injury (Highland);

mentioned in geography (Lavender)

two new Dutch girls (Eustacia);
home of Lilli van Gruneveldt (Eustacia);
home of Lilli van Huysen (Camp, New House);
country to which girls at the school belong (Exploits, Trials);
home of Lysbet Brandt (Lintons);
home of Arda van der Windt (New House, New);
home of Lysbet van Lange (Gay);
home of Roosje Lange (Mystery);
theme of a Sale (Bride);
home of Renata van Buren (Ruey, Leader, Trick, Feud, Triplets, Jane, Redheads);
home of Arda Peik (Ruey, Leader, Trick, Feud, Triplets, Redheads);
home of Andries twins (Challenge);

New Zealand
home of Mollie Maynard (Camp, Jo Returns, Goes To It, Gay, Island, Shocks, Theodora, Reunion);
former home of Jesanne Gellibrand (Lavender, Tom);
home of Deira O'Hagan (Carola, Reunion);
temporary home of Grizel Cochrane (Carola, Kenya, Problem, Excitements, Future, Feud, Reunion);
topic in geography (New Mistress);
one of the destinations for the Russells' journey south (Trick, Triplets);
future home of Roddy Richardson (Future);
destination of the Carews' company (Jane);
proposed destination of Nina Rutherford's tour (Two Sams)

home of Dr and Mrs Johnstone (Carola);
relative of Naomi Elton travels there to be with her daughter (Trials)

destination of Mr and Mrs Stevens (School at);
home of Thyra and Ingeborg Eriksen (Jo of);
home of Frolich Amundsen (Head Girl);
four Norwegian girls at the school (Head Girl);
girls at the school from many countries (Rivals, Eustacia, Exploits, Three Go);
home of Thora Helgersen (Exploits, New House, Jo Returns);
home of Sigrid Björnesson and Thyra (daughters of Thora Helgersen) (Exile, Goes To It, Shocks);
temporary home of the Barrasses (Barbara);
Barrass holiday (Trials);
home of Astrid Carlsen (Feud);
visited by Samantha van der Byl (Two Sams)

temporary home of Hilary Bennet's father (Ruey)

one-time home of a doctor from the San (Highland)

Papua New Guinea
one of the Lavender Laughs series (Lavender)

home of the Humphries family (Jo of, Head Girl, Eustacia, and Jo, Camp, New House, Jo Returns, New, Exile);
home of Natasha Patrovska (Rivals);
several Polish girls at the school (Exploits);
Friedel von Gluck hopes to join the Polish Legion as he has Polish roots (Exile, Goes To It);
home of the family whose cabin was found disordered (Future);

destination of the Linders' aunt and uncle (Highland);

place of work for Captain Humphries (Jo of, Princess, Head Girl, Goes To It, Highland);
language spoken by Cosimo (Princess);
home of new girl (Eustacia);
home of Olga Petrovska (Exploits);
country from which girls come to the school (Three Go);

one-time home of the Gordons (Wrong);
destination for the Johnstones (Problem)

home of Murdoch Macintosh (New);
home of Isabel Allen (Goes To It);
home of the Lecoutier parents (Goes To It);
home of the MacDonald clan (Highland);
visited by Lavender and her aunt (Lavender);
subject of a Lavender Laughs book (Lavender);
base for Lieserl Kalkmann's training (Lavender);
planned destination of the Barrass family (Three Go);
location of Commander Carey's hospital (Three Go, Mary Lou);
mentioned in Kester Bellever's lecture (Island);
home of Kathie Robertson (Island);
home of Janet Scot (Island);
location to which Mr Winterton threatened to send Polly (Peggy);
home of Lesley Bethune (Kenya);
holiday destination for the Pertwees (New Mistress);
one of the nations represented at an earlier sale (Coming of Age);
mentioned as a place where curling is popular (Trials);
place where the Richardsons spent a camping holiday (Tirol);
Daisy and Laurie spend a holiday here (Future);
Morrison family take Felix and Felicity to Scotland on holiday (Redheads);
home of Elspeth McTavish (Redheads);
home of Lesley Anderson, who goes on a cruise around the coast (Challenge)

location of Lavender's fictional story after a stay there (Lavender)

Miss Stewart makes her home there (Exile, Goes To It, Island, Shocks, Genius);
Dr Gordon gets an appointment in a hospital there (Wrong);
birthplace of Prunella Davidson (Does It Again);
Paul Ozanne gets a job there and takes the family (Does It Again);
Katharine Gordon was born there (Problem)

South Africa
Margia Stevens ends up here during the war (Goes To It, Lavender);
home of Dr Marilliar's sister and her family (Lavender)
planned destination of Phil Craven's family (Three Go);
Dr Graves and Hilary go to South Africa (Changes, Barbara);
Miss Carthew's husband works in South Africa (Theodora)

home of Manuel Madariaga (New);
one of Elisaveta's stopping-points on the way to England (Highland);
possible destination of Aunt Luce (Wrong);
Spanish Sale (Jane);
Evelyn Ross holidays here (Challenge)

home of Sigrid Bjorneson (Lintons);
home of Kirsten Johanssen (Jane, Challenge);
home of Astrid Anderssen (Summer)

Too many to list!

one of the countries crossed by Elisaveta in her escape (Highland);
one of the Lavender Laughs series (Lavender);

nationality of Lannis family (School at, Jo of, Princess, Head Girl, Rivals, Eustacia, and Jo, Camp, Exploits, Lintons, New, Exile, Trials, Reunion);
home of the film crew (School at);
used in geography (Princess, Eustacia);
nationality of Cornelia Flower (Head Girl, Rivals, Eustacia, and Jo, Camp, Exploits, Lintons, New House, Jo Returns, New, Exile, Goes To It, Reunion);
home of Louise Redfield (Eustacia, Exploits, Lintons, Jo Returns);
home of Elma Conroy (Exploits);
home of Mary Shaw (Exploits, Exile);
home of Marie Varick (Lintons);
home of Mary Shand (Jo Returns, Goes To It, Highland, Lavender);
wartime destination of Marie, Wanda and Eugen (Exile, Highland, Rescue);
home of Evadne's fiance (Lavender);
nationality of the surgeon who treats Jacynth's aunt (Gay);
location in which Dr Peters studied medicine (Rescue);
temporary home of Dorcas Brownlow's family (Mystery);
destination of Miss Wilson's educational tour (Three Go);
temporary home of the other Mary Katharine Gordon (Wrong);
temporary home of Nina and her father (Genius);
temporary home of Elisaveta and her family (Genius);
destination of Mrs Petwee's tour (New Mistress, Excitements, Coming of Age, Trials);
nationality of the Richardsons' grandmother (Tirol, Ruey);
nationality of Dilys Edwards' great-uncle (Jane);
country being toured by the acting company when Jane's siblings died (Jane);
Tina Harms' new home (Jane);
nationality of Samantha van der Byl (Two Sams, Prefects);
home of Val Pertwee (Althea)

home of Morwenna and Myfhnwy Davies (New);
home of Matron LLoyd (Exile);
location of Plas Howell and home of the Howell family (Goes To It et a;);
home of the school (Goes To It et al);
home of the new San (Highland et al);
one of the subjects of the Lavender Laughs series (Lavender);
home of Miss Doris' sister (Gay);
location of the Harts' holidays (Rescue);
setting of Jo's book The Secret House (Tom);
home of Eiluned Vaughn (Island, Peggy);
mentioned in Kester Bellever's talk (Island);
location where the Wintertons would holiday (Peggy);
location where Cousin Maud took Carola for a holiday (Carola);
home of Gwen Parry (Wrong);
home of Gwen Davis (Changes);
home of Dilys Owen (Kenya);
home of Kay Wynne (New Mistress);
home of Dilys Edwards (Jane, Challenge);
home of Samaris Davies (Two Sams);

West Indies
future home of the Dene family (School at);
one of the Lavender Laughs series (Lavender);
home of Anthea Barnett's family (Oberbland);
location of the cruise Myra Grantley is sent on (Theodora);
home of Peggy Bettany after her marriage (Tirol);
Sir Carew's sisters home (Jane)

Author:  Alison H [ 17 Jun 2017, 06:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

That's brilliant! Would you mind posting it in Joey's Trunk as well? Wow!

Author:  thefrau46 [ 17 Jun 2017, 10:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Brilliant! Thanks very much - much more than I need for now but a wonderful reference for all of us. :D

BTW Although I asked about nationalities I was actually wondering how many languages.

How did you do this so quickly, KB? Do you have a computer programme to word search the books?

Author:  Noreen [ 17 Jun 2017, 10:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

What an amazing list, KB - congratulations!

Author:  ivohenry [ 17 Jun 2017, 11:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography


Where does Loveday Perowne go - South America somewhere. maybe Argentina?

Author:  JayB [ 17 Jun 2017, 13:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

I think it's Argentina.

I agree, this is a marvellous piece of work, I spent a long time looking through it yesterday evening.

If it's languages that are wanted, you'd have to add in Romany, Anglo Saxon, Middle English (Chaucer), Latin, Ancient Greek. If you're including mistresses, Mdlle Lachenais and Miss Denny can probably manage a bit of medieval French and medieval Italian, as can perhaps some of their more advanced students, such as Len. And Mr Denny probably can do a bit in a variety of languages.

All the various forms of German that would be spoken by the Austrian, German and Swiss girls.

Girls who grew up in different parts of the world might know some of the languages spoken. So Jo Scott might know some Swahili, Juliet Carrick and Maeve Bettany some Hindi, and/or whatever was the language spoken in the part of India where they lived. Madge probably knew some, too.

You might even make a case for Mary Lou swotting up on Ancient Egyptian!

Author:  thefrau46 [ 17 Jun 2017, 13:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Modern languages spoken by the pupils, not ancient but nevertheless an interesting overview of others. So thank you. Aren't we a knowledgeable lot? Just ask a question and someone (or several someones) on the board will know the answer!

Author:  Audrey25 [ 17 Jun 2017, 16:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Wow! How did you manage this? Asolutely fantastic!

Author:  Elder in Ontario [ 17 Jun 2017, 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to do this, KB - it's a great resource for all of us.

Author:  KB [ 18 Jun 2017, 00:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

ivohenry wrote:

Where does Loveday Perowne go - South America somewhere. maybe Argentina?

I couldn't work out how I missed Argentina, but it turns out EBD called it The Argentine, which sounds very dramatic.

So glad everyone likes it!

Author:  jennifer [ 18 Jun 2017, 02:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Very Cool!

Another addition - the McNab's parents are in South Africa as described in Lavender ("the Karroo"), (although it's Kenya in Monica Turns Up Trumps).

Author:  KB [ 18 Jun 2017, 04:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Thanks, I've added that and also put a copy in Joey's Trunk.

Author:  abbeybufo [ 19 Jul 2017, 17:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Chalet School Geography

Stickying this as requested

*Ruth with mod hat on*

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