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Author:  Joyce [ 06 Feb 2018, 01:44 ]
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mynameisdumbnuts wrote:
I don't have my copy at hand, but doesn't Jo tell Rosalie that Grizel has mentioned him a few times in previous letters? I assume she inferred from their correspondence that Grizel was interested in him. Adult Jo can be quite sensitive to people's thoughts and emotions, so it doesn't surprise me she picked up on it.

She says this:

“This second marriage of Deira’s – what, exactly, has Grizel said about this man?”
“Very little. She has mentioned him once or twice, but that’s all. She always was a reserved creature. She’s never said anything to make me think there was any more than friendship there. Oh, Rosalie! If it’s that – poor Grizel!”

So it actually takes Rosalie to point out to Joey that there might be something more in Grizel's feelings for Tony. And she picks it up by reading one letter.

Author:  Audrey25 [ 30 Jun 2019, 10:02 ]
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Just reading this book again. It probably is up there as one of the best two or so in the last 15 books.

Joey is at her kindest in this book - to Grizel but also to Stacie and Mary-Lou. I never noticed before though how much praise and love is heaped on Jo , especially how young she looks and how she is like another sister to the triplets. If I was one of triplets, I think I would have wanted my mother to be my mother. I had enough sisters already!

I am irritated by the fact EBD cannot get the people in the.groups right. She will tell us who is in a certain group and then a couple of pages later, lists the group again and we find it has changed.

Also, surely it was Joey who should have been responsible for the safety of the walks and not the 16 year old triplets?

Interesting that Margot's excursion has her slapping someone albeit for the person's own sake!

Author:  Miriam [ 03 Jul 2019, 00:18 ]
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Yes, I was confused by the groups, but thought maybe they changed from day to day, as people wanted to spend time with different people rather than sticking to the same crowd every day. After all, they weren't at school any more, and there was a lot to catch up with.

As for the expeditions, Jo probably let each triplet choose their own outing without too much further thought. And she couldn't be expected to plan for everything that may go wrong, like a lift stopping - though after years of CS experience you would think she might have expected it...

The flooded stream was lack of forethought, though made worse by Eustacia being part of the group. Maybe Jo's youthful habits meant that she would have crossed it without any more difficulty than Len did, do it just didn't occur to Len that her mother's contemporaries would have trouble with it. As for the landslip that was a freak accident - unforeseeable to anyone unfamiliar with CS outings!

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