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 Post subject: One book a year....
PostPosted: 12 May 2018, 14:05 
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Throughout the wonderful book discussions we had in the last year and a bit, it was commented several times that the Swiss years dragged a bit with 1 book for every term, and even some holiday books. If EBD had limited herself to one book per year as she generally wrote them, she would have kept up with the times a bit better and stopped so many problems with external and internal chronology clashing. So, what book would you pick to represent each of the Swiss years?

Swiss year 1: Barbara, Does It Again or Kenya?
Swiss year 2: Mary-Lou, Genius or Problem?
Swiss year 3: New Mistress, Excitements or Coming of Age?
Swiss year 4: Richenda, Trials, Theodora or Joey & Co?
Swiss year 5: Ruey, Leader, Wins the Trick or Future?
Swiss year 6: Feud, Triplets, Reunion or Jane?
Swiss year 7: Redheads, Adrienne or Summer Term?
Swiss year 8: Challenge, Two Sams or Althea/Perfects?

I've counted Althea and Perfects together as they cover the same term and were probably originally planned as one book.

For me, the choices are:
1 - Barbara. Although I like Kenya, I think the first book in Switzerland should be the one for the 1st year.
2 - Genius. I struggled with this one as I really enjoy Mary-Lou, but I think Nina is such an interesting character with an interesting adjustment to school.
3 - Coming of Age. I love Mistress, but couldn't miss out on the return to the Tyrol.
4 - Theodora. Trials was a close second though!
5 - Ruey. This one was difficult as I've only read the termtime books once, coming to them late. I've had future since a child, but felt it better to stick to termtime books.
6 - Jane. Again, not keen on most of these books except Reunion, but again felt better to stick to school based stories.
7 - Adrienne. I live the silliness of Redheads, but like the connection with Robin in Adrienne.
8 - Challenge. I've had Two Sams since a child and like it but I think Challenge more interesting.

So what would you pick?

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 Post subject: Re: One book a year....
PostPosted: 12 May 2018, 16:58 
Indulging in a midnight feast
Indulging in a midnight feast
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If I was only allowed to pick one per year, I'd go with:

1. Barbara - Great 'starting afresh' feel and a nice introduction to the Platz.
2. Mary-Lou - Hard choice between this and Genius, but for me Mary-Lou was a stronger book overall.
3. New Mistress - Possibly a bit biased here as this was my first CS book, but I do think it's a strong Swiss entry, and showing the term largely from the staff POV is a refreshing change.
4. Theodora - Another hard choice as I think Trials is a good book as well, but this was Mary-Lou's last term and the first really triplets-orientated book, so I'd say it's a more significant entry in the series. Also, after three winter term books in a row with the above three picks, a summer term one would be overdue.
5. Ruey - Best of a not-that-strong year for me, although I'm in the minority who thinks Wins the Trick is okay.
6. Reunion - By far the best book of this year, and it also means the odious Jack Lambert remains very firmly in the background. And since I've bypassed both Joey & Co. and Future, I think one Swiss holiday book can be justified.
7. Adrienne - Another best of a bad bunch pick. Redheads and Summer Term are the two silliest entries in the series.
8. Two Sams - The best book of the final two years IMO.

I think though, that there are years where two books would have been fine, for example Barbara/Kenya or Trials/Theodora. Or EBD could have done what she did in the likes of Jo of, and covered two terms in one book, keeping the main events and cutting out the filler, of which there is a lot in the Swiss books, especially the later ones.

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 Post subject: Re: One book a year....
PostPosted: 17 May 2018, 22:46 
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Reserving an embroidered picture

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The problem is, that when EBD wrote fewer books, the books often covered longer time spans so "one book a year" covered more than a single term and might include holiday time too. That makes it difficult to choose a book covering a single term (or holiday period) to represent a year.

For example, in Swiss year 3, an amalgamation of Excitements and CoA would be representative of the year but Mistress is the best of the three books. Likewise my favourite in Swiss year 6 is "Reunion" but I would not feel I could choose that as it doesn't represent the School.

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 Post subject: Re: One book a year....
PostPosted: 18 May 2018, 11:06 
Discovering that JMB lives next door
Discovering that JMB lives next door

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Although I agree with Victoria's points, I can pick one from each year that are definite favourites:
Year one - it has to be Barbara, because of setting up the new school
Year two - Problem, because I really like Ros and I think her settling in is handled very well
Year three - New Mistress. Coming of Age is fun, with the Old Girls who come back to school, and it's nice to see Marie, Simone and Frieda again, but I find the whole trip to the Tiernsee rather irritating.
Year four Wins the Trick. Am I the only person who likes this? It's nice to have some home life scenes that aren't Maynards, and I think that Audrey is a really well-drawn character
Year five - Redheads. At least it's fun, unlike the other two (or three if you count Reunion
Year six - Challenge. Again, am I unusual in that I like Nancy? and I think her troubles are well portrayed. Although Samaris is a good strong character, I think the whole Nina plot line is silly.

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