Juniors in the Oberland?
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Author:  Alison H [ 09 Jun 2018, 22:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Juniors in the Oberland?

That's the way it goes, though. Most successful organisations grow and grow until they lose something of what made them attractive in the first place. You do get some - like exclusive shops - which refuse to expand, but not many.

Madge didn't need the money by this point, so she could have said that she didn't want the school to grow beyond a certain size, but there was no real reason for her to do that. It's hard to turn down new business. But, hey, it was a fictional school, and EBD could have kept it small!

I think she could have kept the family atmosphere, or a bit of it, in other ways, though. She could have involved the other families on the Platz more. And she could have concentrated on characters who were already part of the family - Ailie and Janice and Judy, and people like Tessa and Jose and Gretchen who were the daughters of Old Girls.

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