Escort Mistresses
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Author:  Bobcat [ 19 Sep 2018, 17:21 ]
Post subject:  Escort Mistresses

At the start of New Mistress, Kathie and all the other mistresses have a staff meeting, a day or so before all the girls arrive. Which poses a question in my mind....Did all the staff have to travel to the school for the staff meeting, and then some go back to London to act as escort mistresses for the girls? Or did some mistresses simply miss the meeting at the school and turn up with the girls?

At the end of terms it's easier, of course as you can just send mistresses and girls home together, but if there are staff meetings at the start of each term, how does that work in practical terms?

Author:  ivohenry [ 19 Sep 2018, 19:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escort Mistresses

I would assume that those doing escort from London would miss the meeting and probably have a separate briefing on arrival. Those just meeting pupils in Switzerland from continental destinations could probably manage staff meeting too as it's just before term starts, though I don't think we ever hear about escort duties except from London. Maybe those from nearer destinations had to be brought tothe school by parents??

Author:  Aquabird [ 19 Sep 2018, 20:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escort Mistresses

Bobcat wrote:
how does that work in practical terms?

Let's face it, EBD rarely lets such trifling details bother her. :wink:

New Mistress does give a bit of information on the procedure:

First of all, Miss Annersley gave out escort duties to those mistresses who had to be off that evening to meet girls in Paris at the Gare de l'Est.

There's no mention of London here as a pickup point, so quite possibly there were already mistresses stationed there who were not present at the meeting, therefore Miss Annersley had no need to mention it. Yet all the main mistresses who usually do escort duty are name-checked at the meeting, so it does seem as though everyone attends it and then heads off to pick the girls up. What a mission that must have been for the unlucky ones who drew the London straw! :?

Author:  Audrey25 [ 19 Sep 2018, 21:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escort Mistresses

When I read New Mistress, it seemed as if all the mistresses go to Switzerland for the meeting and then the ones on escort duty are sent away to do this - so, just repeating what others ahead of me have said!

Author:  jennifer [ 20 Sep 2018, 00:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escort Mistresses

Which pretty much guarantees that they start the school year with tired and grumpy mistresses. It would be even worse - term would end, mistresses would escort the students back to England, turn around and return to Switzerland for all the end of term stuff, then head back to England for holidays, before doing the double trip again after a few weeks vacation.

In practical terms, they'd probably have meeting points; one or two in England, then a couple of the major rail stations in Europe. The parents would be responsible for getting the students that far, and then the mistresses would take over. The UK mistresses at least wouldn't head out to the school in advance, but would get a day or two extra holiday. At the other end, some mistresses would have to leave immediately with the end of school trip, while most would stay at the school for a few days to do the end of term stuff.

Also, there'd be no way the entire school would show up in a single fleet of buses - students coming from different meeting points would show up at different times, and there'd be some students delivered directly by their parents.

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