Joey's wedding
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Author:  Alison H [ 21 Jun 2020, 22:12 ]
Post subject:  Joey's wedding

Wales and Northern Ireland are now going to allow weddings and civil partnerships as long as no more than 10 people are present. England and Scotland will presumably follow suit soon. From what I'm hearing, some couples who had to postpone their ceremonies are keen to get married ASAP, but most want to wait until the situation hopefully improves and they can ask as many guests as they want.

In Exile, Joey's so desperate to get married that she wants to have the wedding in Switzerland, without even Madge being there. Jack points out that the paperwork's going to be a hassle, but also feels that it'd be better to wait until they get to Guernsey and some of their relatives and friends can be there. Just thinking about what that says about Joey's state of mind at the time, and her need for security after everything that'd happened.

Author:  Fiona Mc [ 18 Jul 2020, 13:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

My brother got married during COVID-19 on the same day he planned to get married. We all ended up watching it via Zoom as none of us could be there in person.

I think in this day and age a wedding doesn't have the same meaning as a lot of people live together before they get married and so the wedding is more a party than the beginning of married life together. For Joey, I can understand why she may want to marry straight away and keep Jack close, something she can't do as easily before marriage with chaperoning etc and the mores of the time

Author:  Noreen [ 18 Jul 2020, 14:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

Fiona Mc wrote:
I think in this day and age a wedding doesn't have the same meaning as a lot of people live together before they get married and so the wedding is more a party than the beginning of married life together.
That's what I was wondering, Fiona, but the two couples that I know who have had to postpone their weddings are very upset about it, and I do think a forthcoming wedding can produce some singular actions and reactions in the people involved. In this instance the young couple in their twenties are being stoical about it, whereas one half of the older couple is acting as though this has happened only to them, and it's sooo awful that it's unbearable. But maybe that's a 'time ticking away' sort of feeling as they may have fewer years together - and of course may have been an additional factor with Joey, knowing that war was on the horizon and she and Jack might have very little time together too.

Author:  Alison H [ 18 Jul 2020, 19:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

I've just been saying - in a discussion about Princess Beatrice's wedding! - that my grandparents on one side had a very small wedding, in 1941, whilst my grandad was on a few days' leave from the Army. They even had to move the venue because the original place was hit by a bomb during the Blitz :roll: . My other grandparents, who got married in the summer of 1939, had a much bigger wedding.

We never hear about Frieda's wedding, but that must have been very small. It's never quite clear who was where when, and the details seem to change! It says in Goes To It that Gisela and Gottfried's little girls were her bridesmaids, which makes no sense because Gisela and the children were already in England by then, in Exile ... although it's not clear how they got there, as Gottfried was supposed to be joining them in Italy after leaving Jack and the CS party in Belsornia! Herr and Frau Mensch were presumably with Frieda, although it's not clear where they were when Frieda and Bruno arrived in Guernsey, and Frieda was supposed to be with Bernhilda and Kurt in Italy, although they later went to America without her ... I need a double vodka now :lol: . And Friedel was presumably there.

Anyway!! It must have been strange for Frieda to get married in an unfamiliar country, and under huge strain after everything that'd happened to Bruno and Friedel, and knowing that the Italian regime was sympathetic to the Nazis.

Only Marie, of the 4, had a big wedding - and hers must have been a big society do, probably reported in whatever the 1930s Austrian equivalent of something like the Tatler was :lol: .

Author:  Caroline [ 19 Jul 2020, 09:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

We had 10 guests at our wedding, all close family. And then, yes, a party at a later date for a much larger group of friends and family.

Really it depends what matters more, the marriage or the wedding.

Obviously, people will be upset about a change of plans, there could be a lot of expense involved, and complicated planning, and a wedding is a great, happy opportunity for catching up with a whole lot of people you might not get to see that often - although, as the bridal couple, you really don’t get to spend much time with any of them - but really, if you’re very dramatically upset, then maybe priorities are slightly out of kilter, during a global pandemic (or, World War for the CS girls)....

Author:  Alison H [ 19 Jul 2020, 17:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

I always thought it was very mean of EBD to say that Andre could only get leave just the one week that M and Mme Lecoutier and Renee were away. I know it meant that the Quartette could organise the wedding, but even so! I doubt that Simone would have wanted a big do anyway, but it would have been nice for her parents and sister to have been there.

Why Joyce Linton wanted to invite the whole school is a mystery ... although not as much of a mystery as Nan Blakeney and Phoebe Peters, who weren't even old Girls, doing the same thing!

Author:  chaletschoollover96 [ 19 Jul 2020, 21:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

This is what I thought too. It seems bizarre that Elinor did not feel it was a good idea to expand the guest list a bit.

Author:  Mrs Redboots [ 31 Jul 2020, 17:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Joey's wedding

My niece was supposed to be getting married a couple of weeks ago, in Germany (although due to paperwork issues they may do the civil formalities in Denmark, instead). She will still marry him, as and when the paperwork gets sorted (he has lived in Germany for 20 years, and she for not much less, but apparently he doesn't have a birth certificate, or something, that makes it an issue), and will have the big church blessing and family party next year, all being well.

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