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PostPosted: 27 Apr 2006, 20:30 
Lamenting the amount of work
Lamenting the amount of work
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Newly archived links are added to the bottom of each heading so they can be found more easily. The second post in this thread has the FAQ.

Anything Else Archive Index

Rufus and Bruno
Jo The Dog-Owner

Behaviour and etiquette/morals
Victorian family attitudes in the books
Praising to the face
Treatment of disability
Honour in GO books
Mourning Mademoiselle
Coping with disappointment
Discipline for delicate children
Emotion - soppiness versus stiff upper lip
Phoebe's relationship with Dr Peters

Books in our lives
How have we been influenced by the books
First CS book
Mad Family members
Our bad habits
Being a Good CS girl, the things we have done
Being a teacher
If you could ask one question ...
A TV adaptation?
Drabbles - why we write them

Clem and Tony’s parents
Joey, annoying?
Favouritism with Head Girls and Second Prefects?
Francie Wilford, prefect
Joey pre-CS
Captain Humphries and Russia
Jack Maynard - Too Authoritarian?
Twins at the CS
EBDism over Gay's son
Irma Ancozsky
Jo Scott's Age
Jean MacKenzie
Leila Elstob
The Gang
Grizel and her parents
Prefects Post Prefects
First Names A-Z
Mary Burnett
Joey at School
Anne Seymour
Alixe von Elsen
Mary Woodley
Link to a Joey/Jack story
Imperial nationalities - British or Australian (re Daisy)?
What did you think of Jo?
Potted history of Juliet Carrick
Poor Ailie
Vic Coles again
Grizel and Margot
One-term wonders
Girls who married doctors
Girls who should've been head girl but weren't
Who was the best head girl?
Reg Entwistle - for or against?
Was Len too perfect?
Margot's Devil
What happened to Prof Richardson?
The Bettanys' old schools
Joey and the Quartette
Characters evolving
Was Joey the best head girl the school ever had?
Sybil and her cousins
Margot Maynard
Jack and Grizel
Characters' backgrounds which we know little about
Margot Maynard - bad Games Prefect?
The Triplets as Mini-Joeys
The real heroines (and heroes)
Bob and Lydia Maynard
EBD's portrayal of men
Diana leaving school
The Maynards' attitudes towards Len and Daisy
Adult men, infant women?
Margot's devil
Matey and Joey's relationship
How Jo's life could have turned out differently
Whom would you kill off?
Who was the worst pupil, Thekla or Betty?
How would Con's life have turned out?
What if different mistresses had married?
Sexuality and reader interpretation
Joey's intelligence
Nina - a genius?
Being English
Was Joey insular/intolerant?
Pam Slater

Childcare and Parenting
EBD and small children
Joey a working mother
No wonder Jo needed Anna
Parenting classes chalet style
I've found a real life Joey
Joey and Jack’s Treatment of Margot
The Bettany Children
Needed at home by parents
Parenting styles (La Rochelle)
The Bettanys' return from India
Pregnancy in the series
Did Joey really know what she was asking for? (quads discussion)
Josette's accident
Would the boys have been jealous?
Trained to obedience
Is Joey a believable mother?
Who are the good parents in CS land?

Chalet School underwear

Collecting the books
Value and cost of our collections
Insuring our books
Caring for our books
Displaying our books
How much should they cost?
Book Repair Advice
60s paperback editions
How long does it take to do a read through?
Were paperbacks edited differently?
Guide to doing a read-through
Cost of CS books
Paperback covers

Critical Discussions
Quality Of The Swiss Books
Editing Racist Comments
What have we lost?
Are paperback cuts ever a good thing?
Why did EBD need them to butt in?
Too much information - would a smaller universe have been better?
Chalet School tragedies
Favourite words and phrases
EBD herself
Dating the series
When did the series go downhill?
Should publishers edit books?
Which books do you wish hadn't been written?
What makes the Chalet School series stand out?
Was Joey an anti-feminist?
Attitudes towards people of different nationalities
EBD's mores
Far-fetched storylines
EBD's best evocative writing
Was EBD living her perfect life in the CS books?

Goes to It/War
Air raids in Goes to It
New Mistress
Coming of Age
Most EBDismed Character
Oberland EBDisms
Discontinued storylines
What was the most annoying EBD-ism?
Loose ends

Family Trees and Relationships
Bettany/Maynard/Russell Family Names
Maynard/Bettany/Russell Family Tree
Marani/Mensch/Von Eschenau Family Tree (scroll down)
Willoughby/Atherton/Temple Family Tree
Sisters by Marriage
Bettany family pre-School At

Food and Drink
Brandy at the Chalet School
Greedy Girls
Medicinal Brandy again
Bread Twists
Food at the school
Sweet Cupboard
Olive Oil
Fancy Bread Twists
Rolls with butter and honey
Definining lunch!
The School's food supply
After English Tea - bilious bouts?

Guides at the Swiss Branch
Guides - why did some girls not join, and how did the school react to that?

Hair and Make-up
How to wear Ribbons
Long Hair bad for growing girls?
Hair Turning Grey Overnight
Powder And Lipstick
All for a different hairstyle
Looks and character

Health and Medicine
Can you really catch your death of cold
Dosing children
TB Treatment
Cold Baths Work?
EBD's Medical Knowledge
Altitude And Lung Ailments
Prenatal Medicine
Hygiene in the school
Sun protection
The Role of Doctors
Matron and Nurse
Medical knowledge
The San in Wales
People who could not be out of doors
Broken hearts and physical illnesses
Unsuitable air
Drugs, dosing and the highly-strung
What was the nature of Mlle Lepattre's illness?
Infectious diseases
Characters needing psychoanalysis/therapy
Laundry and regular changing
Cropping hair during a fever
Fragility and delicacy
Hair washing and hygiene
Giving birth
Heritability of TB
The role of TB in the books

Hobbies/Free Time
Mrs Jarley
Brownies and their pockets
Driving 2
Hobbies for Junior Middles
Playing cards (on a Sunday)

Mrs Dr Maynard vs JMBettany
Joey's alleged helplessness

Slang again
Cartref - where did the name come from?
Brouhaha - mention on The Simpsons
What does "four-flusher" mean?"
Language and dialect portrayal
Forbidden slang
EBD's languages
EBD's portrayal of English as a second or third language
Anything wrong with bottom?
How many languages does Joey speak?

Jack’s Dressing Room
St Scholastika’s building
Joey’s Homes
Visiting Achensee
The San in Wales
Why the School went to Switzerland
Canadian Climate
Briesau Webcam
Houses on Guernsey
Favourite Location poll
House buying in the CS world

Borrowing for collections
School Fees
Grizel's Money
Money questions
How well off is Joey?
The triplets and the Maynard inheritance

Spring carol?

Reused names
Names and the grown up chalet girl
Staff use of names and surnames
Relatives with chalet names
Meaning of Vater Bar
Repeated Names
Eustace and Eustacia
Why would Ellen be considered a ghastly name?
Merle in Chudleigh Hold
Who is Bracey?
Did EBD dislike the name Catherine/other names?
Pronouncing names

Writers in the books
Work and marriage
Daisy (working in Switzerland or not?)
Lady Couriers
Grizel's career
Women being "allowed" to work
Would Robin have been fit enough to have become a nun?

Other Books
Elsie Books
Ku Klux Klan and the Elsie Books
Clock and the Katy books
Comparisons between the CS and other series
Ku Klux Klan again
Chudleigh Hold etc
Comparisons with other GO authors - a list
La Rochelle query - Brittany in 1918
Elsie Dinsmore
The Crown of Success by ALOE
Chalet School Christmas Story Book
The Lost Staircase and The Little White Horse
EBD and North American literature

Other People

Other Schools
Chalet School Inspiration?
Summerhill School

Real Life
Real Life Mountain rescue

Passion Play at Oberammergau
The problem of teaching of Scripture lessons
The problem of evil
Religion Classes
Jo and evolutionary theory
Separating for prayers

Runaways (and the seven original plots
Scandalous Behaviour
Double entendres

Schoolgirl Life/Pranks
Visiting the Head
Becoming a senior
Sneaking V Reporting
Day in the life of a girl
Sewing Sheets Sides to Middles
Ridiculous Punishments
The CS Rules
Cubicle Curtain
Bubble Bath
Whispering V Talking
Are the girls individulas or clones?
Form Lists
Growing Up
Making enemies
Future Headgirls?
Blame and guilt
Walk partners
Going to St Mildred's
Transition to adulthood
Free time, or lack thereof
School council in Eustacia
Best friends

Society, class, image and life outside the Chalet School
Characteristics of the upper and lower classes, as presented by EBD
Does the CS prepare girls for future success?
The lot of CS servants
Outside perceptions of the Chalet School
Too academic for marriage?

Sports, games and hobbies
Snow goggles
Paper games
Prizes in A Chalet Girl from Kenya
Tom's dolls' houses
Did they bring teddies to school?
Recommended reading for Chaletians

Stars in Daylight

Teaching and Lessons
Classics lessons
Married members of Staff
How were languages taught at the school?
The running of the school compared to other continental schools
Academic Gowns
Synthetic maps
Science in the later books
Kathie Ferrars as a NQT
Bad Chalet School policies?
Miss Annersley's correspondance
What language were exams in?
Timetable in the Swiss books
Male teachers
Was Rosalie acting inappropriately by discussing Theodora's background with Joey before giving the post to Hilda?
Encouraging/coaching girls who should have made more effort
Corporal punishment
Lesson time missed due to "taking advantage of the fine weather"
Staff who were "married to the school"
Recruitment of trilingual staff
Informal relations among the staff
Inter V
Admissions procedure
Educational standards
Teachers as role models

Travel and transport
Boat Train
Jack’s Monster
Expanding Cars
Flowers at Les Invalides
Child car restraints
The experienced traveller in the world of the Chalet School

Universities/life after leaving school
Applying to university
Going to Oxford
Chalet Girls and the Season

What are gamps?
Annoying phrases and words
Use of the word "cripples"
"Girl" or "woman"?
EBD and slang
Phrases you learned from EBD
Words which now sound racist

Joey: A Life In Pictures - Bake with Bert Blog

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PostPosted: 13 Sep 2007, 14:15 
Agonising over your Latin prep
Agonising over your Latin prep

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Afrikaans Jem and Mr Flower speak this in Exile. Mention is made that Mr Flower spent some time in the Transvaal. We don't know how Jem learned it.

Ages General consensus is that Hilda Annersley was born in 1904. No month was given but Lesley has decided it is May. Madge Bettany/Russell is a year younger (1905) and Nell Wilson is two years younger (1906). Sybil's age is fine up until Lavender, where she goes from 8 to 10 between Twins and Lavender, and she stays too old for a few years, is the right age (13) in Carola, then ages too quickly again so by Mary Lou she's about two years too old again. In Readheads she should be 20 instead of 23. Josette starts out four years younger than Sybil. Her age is okay until Three Go, when she starts off about right, and ages two years by the end of the book. She picks up anotheer year between Changes and Kenya, making her 14 when she should be 11. She keeps that age gain, making her 19 in Redheads when she should be 16 to Sybil's 20. Jem Russell born approx 1895.

American pupils(If I have missed anyone, please PM me and I will edit!) Samantha van der Byl, Louise Redfield, Mary Shand, Mary Shaw, Marie Varick, Evadne Lannis, Elma Conroy and Corney Flower.

Bettany, parents of Madge, Dick and Joey are called David and Margaret.

Bilious Attacks can refer to: migraines (classic i.e. with aura), acute dyspepsia (acute congestion of the liver)
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Can also be known as:Abdominal Migraine,Childhood Cyclic Vomiting, Chronic Vomiting in Childhood, Periodic Syndrome, Recurrent Vomiting or indigestion

BirthsKevin and Kester are born during Peggy. Daphne is born during Mary-Lou.

Books by Josephine M Bettany;
Ceily Holds the Fort
Gypsy Jocelyn
Patrol Leader Nancy
Nancy Meets a Nazi
Werner of the Alps
and the one that Dorcas Brownlow's sister wanted to film - None So Pretty or Swords Crossed or something!

CS Motto Emblazoned on the school magazine and also on blazers, No menton of the actual wording.

Cubicle Chairs Girls appear to have two chairs in the Swiss books. Suggestions were made that the second chair was for Matey to sit and relax on, or that there was a surplus of chairs. Feel free to create your own reason for a second chair in a non visiting area.

Dancers Felicity Maynard and Lucy Peters wanted to be ballet dancers.

Day boarders EBD used this phrase on occasion to mean a day girl or non boarder.

Dentists The Dentist in both Austria and Switzerland is named Herr von Francius. It is unlikely this was the same person, rather a recycling of names on EBDs part.

Dr Hunter Never actually named by EBD, this is the name assigned to the doctor who was persuing Joey before her trip to India in Gillian.

Dr O'Brien
The doctor on the amazon trip where ML's father died. His sight was damaged at the time and Doris Trelawney was his secretary

Embury children; Rupert is the eldest followed by Lionel. Then there are Maurice, Robin, Paul, Guy and Alan. The next baby is a girl, Angela

Eye colour Nell Wilson has grey eyes. Hilda Annersley has blue OR blue-grey eyes.

Films For lists of films, actors or anything else connected to movies, please visit www.imdb.com

First Appearances Hilda Annersley first appears in Head Girl

FormsLower IV -> Upper IV -> (Inter V) -> Lower V -> Upper V -> Lower VI -> (Upper VI) with some students leaving after Lower VI to go to St Mildred's or back home, and others to Upper VI. The a's and b's are divisions by general ability ('streaming' as it's called here), and the number of girls in a given year,. Students could be bumped up/kept down if deemed necessary, without too much stigma. And the rest are EBDisms.

Gertrud Beck German girl forced to spy for the Nazis. Never returns to the CS.

Gertrud Steinbrucke Marries and becomes Frau Von Roschlar. Mentioned in New House.

Glendower House Home of the English branch of the CS (IN WALES!!!). Originally intended as a first school for girls below the age of 12 or whose parents didn't want them going to Switzerland. Dollie Edwards Headmistress.

GP As used in Redheads. "Jack would have scorned anything in the nature of what the girls called a 'GP', but deep down inside her she had a warm affection for the elder girl". Generally agreed GP stands for "Grande Passion", i.e. a crush or fancying (non sexual way)

Gypsy Carson Became HG of the Saints after which she went into society.

Hair colour James Russell = fair. Madge, Joey and Robin = black (referred to as 'crow-heads'). Jack = fair. Peggy=starts life dark, ends up silvery fair.

Head Mistresses Miss Annersley and Miss Wilson become co-heads in Rosalie. circa May 1944

Highland Twins Flora and Fiona. Elder sister joined the WRVS. Later Shiena was drafted out to Canada where she met her husband and when the girls finished school, they joined her in Quebec.

Jerbourg a place in Guernsey.

Josette's accidentQuote from Gay:
"If she hadn’t been messing about with the kettle, Josette couldn’t have run into her, and then it wouldn’t have got spilt. Josette stood on Sybil’s foot, and she shrieked and dropped the kettle. It fell on the poor baby, against her chest, and upset all down her tummy. Rosa wasn’t here – she was in the poultry-yard – and Sybil had no more sense than to drag Josette up to the bathroom, and take her clothes off, one by one. By the time she’d finished, her vest was sticking to her, and Sybs just yanked it off – and half the skin with it."

Junior-Middle-Senior Upper Third B is the first middle form and Lower Fifth is the first Senior form (this changes with the creation of Inter V)

Leila Elstob Tubercular child, lives on the platz with her mother and cousin, Sue Meadows. Operated on in Kenya.

Marani parents; (Florian was his given name). Very strict - believed in instant obedience. Related to the Melnarti's (didn't approve of their lack of disciplene). He was a keen mountineer and worked in a bank. Defied the nazi's and left Maria at CS. FLorian was killed by Nazi regime. Frau Marani escaped with Gisela and Gottfreid. (Parents of Gisela, Maria)

Mastoid The mastoid is in or part of the the ear. It can get seriously inflamed and cause a lot of trouble. This reference will take you to more than you ever really wanted to know about mastoid. www.entusa.com/mastoid_surgery.htm There is a connection between polio and mastoid. The mastoid is a bony process off the base of the skull that is composed of air cells and inflammation of this is called mastoiditis. (This is probably what Phil Maynard had). The connection is this: muscles called Sternocleidomastiods run from the mastoid to the collar bone and top of the breast bone. These muscles often help out if people have problems breathing due to polio.

Matey Generally agreed that Matron Lloyd is the original Matey.

Maynard children Triplets Len, Con & Margot, born November 5th (or 3rd depending on EBDisms) in Exile. Stephen John (Green!) was born towards the end of the Spring term Lavender. Charles was born at the beginning of June, just escaping being a May kitten. Michael was born sometime in the gap between Gay and Three Go. Felix and Felicity must have been born late August/early September, since the staff were waiting for news about them at the beginning of the new school year Shocks. Cecil was born during a very late half term of the Spring term - on April 2nd, just escaping being an April Fool Fete.Phil and Geoff were born around half term in the summer term, so probably late May Theodora.

Mensch parents; He was known as Oncle Reise (Uncle Giant) because he was described as a large man. Lived in an apartment in Innsbruck (Mariahilfe Strasse) He was tthe youngest in his family and Die Grossmutter was his mother lived with them until her death during Bernie's wedding. He played the flute because Samaris Davies (Two Sams) learns the flute from him when they are living in Innsbruck. (Parents of Bernhilda, Freida and Gottfreid)

Mr Lannis No first name given.

Nicknames Helena Wilson=Bill, Hilda Annersely=The Abbess, Jack Maynard=Jigger

Nina K. Brisley Her full name was Nina Kennard Brisley her life spanned 1897-1978. She illustrated for some other children's writers and also did some lithographs illustrating bible scenes. She also illustrated some children's postcards. This is a link to some postcards she illustrated: http://www.stan.suggitt.btinternet.co.uk/nkbrisley.htm

Overalls for dommy sci in the 50s. These were like a dress. You put them over your ordinary uniform like a coat and they had long rather loose sleeves with a button cuff. They buttoned up the front and had 2 quite large patch pockets. they were gathered at the waist and had a belt.

Pocket Money 2 Schillings (during Jo's time as HG) equates to approx £3.15 per week.

Polio See Mastoid.

Portières These are door curtains used to keep draughts out. When you open the door, it rises so it doesn't drag on the floor and when you shut the door, it lowers again.

Pranks played in School At:
Day 1
sherbeting the basins so the water fizzes
the juniors sewing up the pjs etc of the middles
Day 2
Piano (but Madge didn't know about this)
Day 3
Creature in Juliet's cubicle and brushes for Grizel
Day 4/5
St Swithens Day joke
Day 5/6
vaselineing blackboards

Pretty Maids In an EBDism named Merry Maids. Maynard family home located in the New Forest, seven miles from Lyndhurst. Jack Maynard hands the property over to the National Trust in Changes.

Pronunciations of Mamma and Papa. (These are THEORY not Gospel!) The Maynards pronounce it ma-maa and pa-paa (short a, long a, accent on 2nd syllable), and that Sam pronounces it ma-ma and pa-pa (two short a's, accent on 1st syllable)

Rarity of Books NCC provide the following list for Paperback books: http://haa.vextron.com/ncc/ncc_library/ ... etpbs.html and this link for hardback books: http://haa.vextron.com/ncc/ncc_library/ ... ethbs.html

Reading Children learned to read at home, usually with a governess type figure. They would be taught their letters by name rather than by sound.

Read, mark learn and inwardly digest Jo's advice to Polly Heriot after the ringing of the firebeel and given the punishment of reading Stalky & Co. Actually a quote from the Book of Common Prayer (1662), Collects. 2nd Sunday in Advent "Blessed Lord, who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning; Grant that we may in such wise hear them read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that by patience, and comfort of thy holy Word, we may embrace, and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life."

Relatives Miss Leslie is AUNT to Doris Hill. Daisy and Primula are NIECES to Sir James Russell.

Religion EBD converted to RC from CofE.

Robin left to be a nun in canada when Joey and her family moved to Switzerland, the war was well over and both families (Russell's and Maynard's) had returned from canada. Prior to this, she studied modern languages at Oxford uni. She took the name "Soeur Marie-Cecile"

Round the room without touching the floor Various CBBers have attempted this at various points in their lives with varying degrees of success.

Russells Jem and Margot (Venables) parents are mentioned briefly in HB of New House "Father was killed in a motoring accident seven years ago,’ he said reluctantly. ‘Mother only survived him three months."

School houses Girls are supposed to remain in one house throughout school career, but generally suffer lots of EBDisms.

School year The school year is divided into three terms:
Christmas/Autumn term - Year X: Early September until a week before Christmas, with half-term in late October
Spring/Easter term - Year X + 1: Early January until just prior to Easter, with half-term in mid-February
Summer term - Year X + 1: after Easter until mid-July, with half-term in early May or late June

Science Evadne blows up the science labs in Exploits

St Mildreds (known as Millies) Finishing branch. Girls aged approx 17, 18 & 19. Attended for 1 or 2 years.

Sheep dogging The process where new girls to the CS were assigned a mentor who thy nearly always became best friends with.

Simone's children are Tessa, Pierre, Jean-Marie-Jose and Marie-Rosaline (who is also called Anne-Claire!!)

Snails Yes, they can squeak on windows, or on plastic patio furniture.

Transcripts are housed at http://humanities.psydeshow.org/be2/ind ... ethod=view. You will need to email Raya to register on the site before you can access any transcripts.

Universities Bill Wilson=LSE, Robin Humphries=Oxford, Len & Con Maynard, Ted Grantley, Carmels Walther=Oxford bound,

Vi Lucy Pronounce as you wish.

von Eschenau parents; either Graf von Eschenau or Rittmeister von Eschenau or Baron von Eschenau. Aristocracy living in Wein. He is linked to a regiment as Freidel von Gluck is described as being a handsome young officer from her father's regiment (re Wanda) Graffin von Eschenau is not well (not TB as she doesn't end up on the Sonnalpe) and prefers to stay with Wanda in Salzburg as it is cooler there. Graffin von Eschenau's death is recorded in Exile. Distantly related to von Stifts of Prussia(Parents of Wanda, Kurt, Maria, Wolfgang)

Welsen Home of the CS finishing school. Housed in Das Haus Unter Den Kiefern originally, moved up to the PLatz at the start of Mary-Lou

[size=75]"Somehow, he felt, as he had never felt before, the want of a woman to sit facing him as he read a new book on pulmonary complaints." (Jean of Storms)

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